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Hi, sorry I don't check here much :) Anyway, pretty much all I did was have a certain amount of "segments" there, placed in a regular circle fastion. And all I needed them to do is turn 180 degrees from "the start to the end" of the circle along their local "forward" axis. Thats the general idea, no need to overcomplicate things, just realize what mobius is and then just rotate the individual parts according to it.

In the end, there are some other animation-like factors in play to make it more appealing, like the whole strip being inclined a little bit and rotating around vertical axis, camera slowly rotating as well, and the fact that I wanted the ball to always be "on top of the strip" (above it in Y), so I rotate the segments according to current balls position, the ball pretty much dictates "where the start of the circle is".

Seriously awesome, very irritating mechanics in a very funny way + great "setting"!

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It is not 'your personal problem', I sure know that it is something that needs to be addressed in a game. I felt it too  a bit and obviously I spent a lot of time in the game to have a better feeling abound the jumps, ergo for another person it must be 10x that. It sure is something that has no place when you are aiming for a flow feel I aimed with this game. It also is the reason I choose doublejump instead of other 'side effects' (like dash etc) for the jump, using that you can prevent situation like this -most of the time-. It is still not good enough for potential release or anything, I fully understand that it can very well break the experience/feeling/mood I tried so hard to evoke. It just couldn't be tuned up more with all other tasks at hand within the 48 hours, I couldn't make the flow perfect.

But I'm well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of this particular prototype, and if I picked up on it some day, I sure would first and foremost focus on finetuning these breaking points and enhance the surreal/etheric/(? , not that good with english to find proper words) dynamics the game is working with.

Thanks a lot for the feedback overall, you are sure right, I tried as hard as possible but I can't hide the fact that it's still a 'prototype' with regards to real world production.

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If I remember it correctly, the white ghosts move once every 2 moves of yours. It's indicated similarly as in The Crypt of the Necrodancer by their pose - In one phase, they 'lean backward and open their mouth, the second phase they jump = attack. So you have to time your jumps/movement next to them according to it and move next to them when they are not about to jump in the same 'move'.

Happened to me in the exactly same way during development :)) Glad you enjoyed it.

So good to hear, thank you! :)

Cool, the sounds were chosen well and even with the monochromatic color scheme it was well readable overall. Only the controls felt a little bit too hard to manage. But keep it up, next game is always a little better than the previous :)

I am so happy that an audience like this is on as well, thank you! :)

Yes, it's as you said. The eternal 'what is a game' question, if Dear Esther or The Stanley Parable are games and so on. But it was deliberate to leave the scores and goals out, they did not fit into the feel I aimed for in the end. And yes, it did eat a surprising amount of my time just jumping around as well :D Will give your game a try as well, thanks ;)

48h, switching platforms requires reimports of all assets which takes some time in Unity. If I get around to it, I'll try to build for linux (though I currently have no machine to test it on), just wasn't really a priority during the jam itself.

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Implementing the mobius part was the biggest challenge I guess, it ate up too much time to be able to address other important stuff. But it sounded interesting for the theme in the start so I went there, maybe not the best idea but thats jams... Anyway, the players moves with some speed (variable, based on boosts and overall progress). The tiles rotate based on players position (0-360deg position, well, more precisely 0-720deg since on mobius strip you have to go 2x around the clock to get to where you started), which was needed so the player is always visible to the camera and does not get occluded by the other side of the moeb strip (must always face up). And then there's the gravity part, which is calculated based on the current 'angle' where the player is, and if he's on the 'top' or 'bottom' part of the strip. And all that is calculated/recalculated from the local coord system to the woorld coord system, because the strip spins around the global Y at an angle to make it more visually pleasing... So yes, the animations are all generated by script, always with regard to where the player currently is so he is always higher than the ground itself even though in the 'mobius' sense he's on the back side.

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Added (post-jam) a ScreenSaver build for windows, which can be set as a screensaver or just run as an exe to just stare at for a while :D ("M" to mute/unmute, default is muted since it's a screensaver)

Took a while to alter and add some settings screen, but ok, released as a screensaver as well, you can download it next to the game build here on the game page! In the settings, you can unmute/mute the music, default should be muted since I guess most people prefer screensavers silent.

No installer though, read the included readme.txt for how to set it up in windows (never made a screensaver before, hope it will work as expected).

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Thank you very much. I had a 'slam' as a secondary functionality already implemented, that helped with the timing. But it required another button (or replacing of the doublejump) and there was not enough time left to solve things connected with it, so it was not included in the 48h submission sadly.

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Thank you. The score - that was actually intentional. I feel like not every game needs to award players by scores, score felt out of place considering the feeling the game was evoking in me during the playtesting. There's your progress incorporated in the middle 'sculpture' (glowing stairs/trophy), you gradually go up, and go down a step when you hit something.