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Hahaha. You should watch that video:

Thanks for the kind words. I have big plans for this game that are explained on my website, but so little time to make them happen 😅

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Thanks for your support. Right now, it is endless. My next step is to find a clever way to add tons of content, then make better rules to generate various random situations, then there will be more things to do, and a super complicated task to finish, just like NetHack.

Facepalm... Please read the explanation better.

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And he never bought it ¯\_( ° - ° )_/¯

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ATN and schistkicker, I finally found why it is crashing on Linux!
I had some weird XInput drivers installed on my Linux computer. After a clean install, I don't have those anymore, so the game is crashing, just the same as you. It's repaired for the next release. Sorry for the inconvenience :P

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Those little fighters ❤
I'm glad to have seen them evolving since their humble beginnings in BASTON. You guys are on the right track and I wish you the best for this project!

Sorry for not having answered. Although the game will work with Wine, I know it would be best to run it natively. But right now, I have absolutely no idea what's going on...

All right. And do you have those dependencies in those folder paths? (I forgot to write that...)

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All right, I resurrected an old computer with xubuntu to test out (and it's working perfectly).
Could you run ldd to see if the dependencies needed by this library are there?

Mine gives: (0x00007fff0dffe000) => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007f597d87a000) => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007f597d652000)
/lib64/ (0x00007f597da7a000)

Thanks. No need for the log. So the problem definitely comes from ZgeBullet. I wonder why, since it's working nicely here. What kind of Linux do you have?

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The cube works? That's good to know. That was the response I was waiting from ATN. I'm going to produce two more examples for testing the external libraries that handle music and physics, so we'll pinpoint which one is faulty, or if it's come from the game... It should be ready in an hour.

You can download those new tests on the same link. Please tell me how it goes ;)

Hi. What do you mean by "I cannot follow the rest of the thread"? Too technical?
I listed just above the basic libraries that are needed:


In the terminal, try:

ldconfig -p | grep libdl

If libdl is not installed, there will be no output. If it is installed, you will get a line for each version available. Please do that for all of these.

You can also find your sdl version (if it is there) with:

sdl2-config --version

Did you try running the simple cube that works without any external libraries?

You must have a broken file in your collection folder. Or your save file is corrupted. Try to go to Setup screen and press the delete save file button. Then try Versus mode.

No. Maybe one day. I need to find the time to work on that game. Which means reprogram the core of the game: the fighting part.

I'll need further information in order to help you. Do you have an error message? Can your run the game from cmd and see if something is wrong?

Mmm... That's the first. There is no music in the game, but you should definitely hear sounds. Please launch the game from cmd to see if you get an error message.

What is your operating system?

Et on peut commencer par un simple cube sans librairie pour voir si tout va bien:

Merci pour ton retour :)

"indiquer que la librairie zbulet doit être placée dans le home"
C'est pas ce qu'il se fait avec ~/ZgeBullet sur cette ligne ?

svn checkout ~/ZgeBullet

Pas vraiment de verbose, non... Mais je viens de tester avec :

$ readelf --dynamic ./Omeganaut | grep NEEDED

Voilà les librairies nécessaires


Je viens de tester sur mon ordi en arch x86_64 sans problèmes... Je te propose d'essayer de compiler toi-même la librairie fautive en suivant ce tutoriel que j'ai écrit pour mon futur moi :

Très bien :)

Pour ton problème, le moteur ZGE ne produit plus que des exécutables 64bits. Tu connais l'architecture de ton proc? Tape simplement 'arch' dans le terminal.

Hello ATN, are you an Etienne too?

I will need more information than that if you want me to help you. Did you try launching it from the console to see if there is a problem?

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Here's a simple rotating cube for testing:
Please tell me if it works for you. Thanks.

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Hi. The glow bug is already listed, thanks. And you'll find all you need in my forum:

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Hi. Official news from ZGameEditor's creator is that it has fully switched to 64bits. I've seen a post with a 32bits release somewhere in their forum, but I can't seem to find it now. I'll see what I can do.

Edit: Thinking about it, it should be x86_64, as the previous version was i386. I can send you a little exe made with ZGE to see if it runs on your computer, if you want.

It's been a while since I had that much fun in an FPS. I love to kick goons in their restroom hideout.

Here's my whole Port to macOS thread. If you guys really want the game to run natively on macOS, I'm going to need some help!

Outstanding little game with fishing and secrets. I loved it! Thank you

Wow, thanks for the very precise details. I'm going to start feeding a Google sheet with all this intel ;)

If you give me details about your Android device, maybe I could find a pattern with other devices that are not working, then find how to solve the problem ;)

Hi robdavies. I'm glad my game is running nicely on your linux. For Android, on the other hand... Minimal target is Android 4.1, so your version shouldn't be a problem. Maybe it's a phone with a special processor? There are so many Android devices it gets really complicated...

Yeah, there are too much Android devices to get the thing right. I'm glad you managed to find how to change it!

I'm using Sunvox library, and I was able to play some XM and MOD for testing purpose. As for the rest, I'm still discovering how it works, as each aspect of making a small game like that is an endless pit of very peaky knowledge 😅

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Hello Gargaj. I do for only one of them. I wasn't able to find the contact of the other ones from ModArchive... But you're totally right, I will remove them for the next release, which can happen today if I manage to repair the new Boss. Now that the music engine works, I need to get back to writing my own music score 😉

Edit: And it's done. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you happen to know someone who's still into MOD tracking, I'm looking for a musical artist to work with ❤️

Thanks for your kind words. The musics are real time synthesized modules, which originated back on the Commodore Amiga,  yes. I'm advancing slowly, but I intend to replace those scores by my own at some point.

Hello. I wish I had a Mac in order to do that, because the game relies on the ZBullet library that I would have to compile from scratch. I'll see if someone can lend me one.

Otherwise, the Windows version should just work using Wine emulator 😉

I just released a new version that includes a high-score table :)

Well done