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Thank you! .)

No worries :D I take it as a feedback ;)

Thanks for comment. I'll try to do better in my future projects

Thats would have been better but I don't have the source code anymore. Warning in description is the maximum I can do at this point.

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Thanks for comment. I know the jumpscare is rather cheesy and mobile version has better ending. Unfortunately doesnt allow me to get player's IP so I settled for the jumpscare. If you have a suggestion for proper ending, let me know (😉

Amazing graphics and sounds. Everthing runs smoothly and fits the theme perfectly. Overwhelming feeling is very accurate (A+ for simulation). Only downside is the gameplay which gets repetitive very quickly. I would maybe experiment with adding minimal required amount of HW you need to finish for each subject, possibly scalling down the assignments and adding obstacles you need to avoid when dragging paper like coffee mug. This is just my stream of thought as I'm writing this, if you plan on further development (if you do keep me posted ;)). Overall, great job. 

Cute graphics, great sound, accurate simulation (I did catch a fruit or two in the past myself so I can tell!) I would only maybe put the fruit spawn a bit more dispersed over time. I saw three/four fruits spawning regularly at once and avatar was too slow for me to be able to react quickly. Nontheless, I enjoyed it! 

Well done! Thanks for comment! :)

Thanks! I appreciate it! :))

I agree with Dave and I add that in second and third rounds there was a bug with only foreigners showing up. Otherwise game mechanics is fun, sound is perfect, wouldnt change anything there, graphics would need some polishing but overall style is very nice. Good job! Keep it up.

Perfect. I tried to do the same and it does this weird thing for me as well. Thanks for sharing. I will take schedule it for the next update.

In terms of gameplay, maybe some stunt mechanics like you see in GTA V, some racing against AI or having other cars/people on the road and completing tasks like "get to point A in X time without killing Y civilians". I'd look around other similar car games and played them a bit and see what they do well + what is missing, and then I 'd incorporate that missing part in here as well as the best of the things they do well.

Don't worry. I know this very well. We all overshoot in the heat of passion :D Btw. how did you design such complex strategy in such a short time? Can you share some tips? Wink wink ;)

That sounds like a way to go. Thanks for sharing! :)

Hey, I added tutorial. Feel free to give it a look and let me know what you think ;)

Thanks! 32 months is very nice number for rookie dictator! Keep it up! In case you have improvement ideas, leave a comment. #hungryforfeedback

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There is no greater honor... Thank you! If you found any bugs, let me  know so I don't get free one-way ticket to Siberia :)

Thanks for comment! No worries. It's challenging to be general sectary. If you have improvement ideas, let me know ;)

Glad you like it! Is there something you wish to change/add/remove from the game to make it better? :)

Glad you liked it How much did you score? :) It's endless just like dictator's lust for power :D

Thanks. Now it's fine!

Once I open purple menu I can't close it, so I don't see all the green stats on the left. :(

I like the graphics a lot. However there isn't really much to do around the town :/ I tried to do some stunts but motion detection caused me to hit invisible walls. :/

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This is so ducking dull as actual work with timesheet. 11/10 for realism!

I thit the play, music starts but then nothing happens in the warehouse no matter where I click :(

We've done a LOT of work for such short amount of time. Good job! I like the simulation itself. I think it's good (see my favourite Democracy). Just a couple notes

- font fits the theme but it's really hard to read, even after few minutes I can't get used to it

- very quickly I began experiencing decision fatique, having new decision every turn on top of policies and budgeting was exhausting, I 'd maybe make it shorter in amount of text and eveery third turn or so

- factions list could use graph or something so I can see all fanctions standing without need to scroll, it'S hard to see the clear picture this way

That's a very impressive work done in such a short time. Amount of features and details is incredible. Audio is perfect, I wouldnt change a damn.  Solid basics of good graphics there as well. In terms of simulation I had a problem understanind what is going on for first couple minutes. I'd love to see some elemnts better explained (but it's amazing that you managed to get pretty much everything commented with explanation in such a short amount of time). In terms of fun, I guess it's not my cup of tea.  Overall, amazing job. Your production efficiency must be on Amazon level :D 

Congratz, you broke the record and cracked the code! What led to your downfall eventually? A couple low endurance ministers in a short amount of time?  

Hey, glad you liked it, thanks for sharing :). Tutorial is on the way.  I'm not sure what music/sound effects to include. Anything you would like to see added to the game? :)

Thx for the reply, but unfortunately I can't move :'( (Played on Chrome, Windows 10)

Fun little concept! I would put HP next to the other GUI to make it clearly visible. This way it kinda blends into the environment and takes a while to notice. Also, the game seems impossible to "win" meaning I have immediate sense from the start that I can't run fast enough, resources don't replenish fast enough and family consumes too fast for me to have any chance while playing. Maybe tinkering with the rates would help.

What are the controls? I tried clicking everywhere but no feedback...

Whats your highscore? Can you beat my 47 months? 😉

Perfect! Thanks.

Is it more  of a recommendation of requirement? :)

Finally we find out who's got the fastest hand on!

Ah yes. Browser unfortunately doesn't support certain features like mobiles do. I will check the browser version from my PC right away. It should not have contained location request. 

For full experience I recommend trying  game on Google Play:


Thanks for letting me know.

Were you using webrowser on your android device or did you download it?