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Switching colors is an interesting mechanic, but definitely should add an explanation when starting in form of tutorial or just showing the Controls there. I wasn't aware of it at first since I didn't click on Controls in the menu right away. On some keyboard layouts Z replaces Y, which made it a bit awkward to use. Few cues would do a lot to make it even better!

That's a really cool and simple game! The music goes really well with the style, and you make actual loops which is spot on for the jam theme. 

Besides the mentioned tricky last level, there could be a mechanic that changes the conditions of every next loop, such as speeding it up, so something new is happening even when you figure it out and do it three times.

All in all a great game!

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We made a game in Unreal engine where you fight off monsters and make your way through the darkness by creating light paths.

Check it out!

Post your game here too!

Thank you for checking it out, the video really helps a lot with seeing how others play it! I wasn't aware of the bug, will push a quick update so it can be finished. Definitely going to expand on the tutorial to show creating light paths.

what exact speed do you mean?