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I played through it all, I had some fun with it! I like the difficulty as I like games similar to NES titles. However, I feel like the lighting is too dark. It looks really nice but it's too hard to see enemies off-screen when you have to make a jump or fall. I would recommend an outline of the enemies, for example. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for making a great game

I'd say making the players attacks hit box bigger is a good way to do it. It was hard to land hits even when I was directly on him ^-^

I like the style of the game but the jumping wouldn't work for me a majority of the time and it got pretty frustrating. But i liked it!

Really fun! Loved the style of it as well

Wow that was really fun! I really like the music and art too. Everything looks super nice! well done

The game has really nice art. I think it's a lot like the chao gardens off of SA. 

Nice gelli creator! I like the way they fall off the conveyor

I think it has a lot of promise! This could be a really fun multiplayer game. Right now, I still liked it just wish there was some more feedback, sfx, music, etc.. understandably due to time. This is really good the way it is!

it's a cool game! Reminded me of worms at first. I like the different mechanics the only one I didn't understand was explode. But oh well. Still fun!

Very nice first game! I like the way you made the dialogue boxes express the characters. For example, the "sooo" has a slight pause. This is really good!

it was fun!

That was really fun to mess around with! Got lost in it for a while

I like the game! It's pretty nice but I agree that the boss is hard to judge. Other than that it was fun! 

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I think the one speaker issue is because of the AudioStreamPlayer2D (I think that's what it's called?) I think you are supposed to just use AudioStreamPlayer as the 2D or 3D variants are based off position

I'm glad you liked it XD and yea the third boss was meant to be hard but I just hope he isn't hard unfairly lol. Thank you for playing 

I'm still working on mine, gonna use all the time I got ^-^

Already played and rated!

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate you taking the time to play! P.S might update the game again after a while and add some more things if i get around to it! 

Thanks ^-^! and yea in the original game jam version i had no more time left to make music and in fact the reason some levels are a little harder than they should be as well, is because of these time constraints. I had one hour left before i had to submit and only had 6 levels at that point ^-^. Very happy you loved it though!

Lots of polish and lots of fun! love it

Well Done! had a good time!

Love the game! ^-^ Good music and sfx and really cool concept

Really fun! Love the music and the game mechanics a lot! Great Game! 

Here's my game please rate and comment when you get the chance:

Love the idea! and really liked the idea of figuring out who done it. Made me feel worried to pick a choice. A gripe of mine though is the music in the overworld. It just replays the same melody over and over. Overall tons of fun to be had! play my game and don't be afraid to get critical! ^-^

Awesome Feedback! I really love when people just dive into the game and tell me how they feel. Makes me excited! Overall I'm glad you enjoyed the game! 

Rated and Commented! Come play mine when you can!

Fun game. Only issue i would say is coins don't drop as often as they should ^-^

Love the way the game plays! Good Work! Really fun to hit enemies! 

Thank you very much! ^-^ 

The only trouble i've had with this game was that the curve of difficulty went up extremely fast. Then again maybe i'm just bad lol. Very engaging and love the game! ^-^

Hey man no problem and sure thing! 

interested about being stuck. Very sorry about that. I'm very happy you love it though!

I'm glad you liked the game. I found out about the soft lock after I had posted the game. So oof. But yea I'm glad you liked it!

Ill keep note of that thanks! ^-^ and im glad you enjoyed it!

love the game ^-^ and thanks for explaining!