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TwinGem Games

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I loved your game.
I like how you've taken mechanics from some of the Game Boy's classic games and merged them.

This was really good, your character is super cute. I liked the gameplay after getting the power up.

Despite the simplicity of the controls, the battles were very intense.

Not bad for your first jam. I like your concept. The menu was really well done too.

The basic enemies are kind of bullet sponges though, which isn't always the best in a scrolling shooter.

Nice game. Felt really good to combo a whole horde.

I really enjoyed this. That intro was really exciting and the tone shift between the power being off and the power being on works really well.

I love your game. The art is great, that lead character is super cute and all the band members are super cute. The music's really fun too.

I lost a lot of band members, but your gameplay concept is really solid.

Really nice game. I didn't think a twinstick style shooter would work with the game boy input, but this played pretty smoothly.

It's just the name of the community hosting this jam.