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Thanks, I really enjoyed watching you play!


Yes, on startup I loop over the map and convert certain tiles to game objects, set the edge tiles for ice and mud based on surrounding tiles, and throw in random decorations like grass and mushrooms. I think this sort of initialization on startup is pretty common, especially converting tiles to game objects.

If you look at my other Pico-8 projects on, you'll see a few other ways to handle the map:

  • Basil's Adventure just converts tiles to game objects.
  • Maximum Overdrive 2 is a roguelike -- it ignores the Pico-8 map and just generates map data in a Lua array.
  • Gordy and the Monster Moon uses map memory as raw bytes -- I use external tooling to edit the map and store it, compressed, in the place the map usually goes. Then on startup I decompress the map into an array and go from there. This allows the map to be much bigger than the built-in one.

I've seen some projects do fancy things to make a bigger map entirely within the Pico-8 ecosystem, like this:

Hope that helps!

Glad you liked it!

Glad you enjoyed it! 😁

I believe the solution to this is to, instead of double clicking on the app, try right clicking and selecting "open" to run it.

Yeah, that's the intended experience, but I figured I could throw a bone to the people who enjoy reading instructions

I don't know if it's kosher to update your game the day after the jam ends but I just this much-needed instruction screen for those of you who think playing a game is more fun than learning it

Very impressive Pico-8 lawnmower noise

Title screens: the dessert of game development

Text crawls are fun. Too bad Pico-8 doesn't really have the resolution to pull off the vanishing point Star Wars crawl

New biome: party carpet covered by roombas.

This suburban neighborhood generator (filled with lawnmowers and doghouses) reveals two flaws in my visibility engine. One, in wide open spaces it has noticeable slowdown, and two, you can see a blind spot in the bottom right quadrant of the screen. That space on the screen never gets marked visible

Okay, here's what's happening here, since it's definitely not clear just from looking at it: there are cars at a stoplight whose headlights turn red as they notice you. You lure it over to a supply crate that only cars can break. The circle that appears means you heard a loud noise at that location. You drop a cone so it gets stuck, then go up behind it, pick up the banana that was in the crate, then disable the car with the banana and recharge your battery from its battery.

I added a lighting system so that you could see a truck's headlight coming around a corner, but it's pretty hard to tell the difference between light emitted by the player and light emitted by the headlights. (I had to work pretty hard to find the situation shown in this screenshot.) I think maybe I ought to make the player not emit light and switch to a night vision sort of situation. Maybe the risk of trucks isn't to life and limb, maybe the headlights just ruin your night vision.

I'm working on a roguelike sequel to Maximum Overdrive where self-driving cars have paved the entire world because that's the most effective way to maximize fare revenue. Here's some level generator output:


I don't have a Mac in front of me right now to test this but according to the internet, instead of double clicking on the app  you should try right clicking and selecting "open" to run it.

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This game is exactly the same as the game you would get on Steam.

Frog Fractions Game of the Decade Edition, with the Hop's Iconic Cap DLC. (The hat DLC secretly adds an entirely new game.)

I think so!

Sure. I don't think has a DM system, where should I send the code?

Not sure what sort of  problem you're dealing with, but to  play in hat mode:

  1. Download and install a version of the game labeled "with Hop's Iconic Cap."
  2. Before starting the game, make sure the hat (in the lower right corner) is enabled.
  3. You'll know you did it right if your frog is wearing a hat!

I will get to it someday. Not sure when!

Just added one! Let me know if you see any problems!

This note doesn't actually exist! It's a joke about Infocom feelies.

They would put notes like these in your game box and refer to them in the game.

You should be able to restore the save file without a question mark at the end to get back to your faerie village.