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I stumbled upon the version of this a few years ago, didn't realize it had been uploaded here. I was always fascinated by the music this thing generated, and I'm glad to see you're still working on it in one form or another.

The mechanic for the jam can be found in the description. This jam's mechanic is "Pushing Crates". Be sure to check the jam's description for more information.

I don't believe it was explicitly mentioned anywhere else, so I was wondering: are we required to submit a cartridge design in order to participate in the jam, or is it open to anyone regardless?

Apologies for the untimeliness, but Mechanic Jam 3 is now live and can be found here:

Best of luck, and I hope to see you there!

Seeing as the first Mechanic Jam was a modest success, I've decided to continue the series. The next jam's page is live, and you can join it here:

Even if you weren't able to participate in this jam, you're welcome to join the next one. I hope to see you there!

A fun platforming gauntlet, and then a challenging point-defense segment. I really enjoyed playing this game, and found it pretty easy to get a hang of the "slingshot" mechanic, which is a pretty neat way of getting around. The problem with it is that flinging yourself into enemies to attack them isn't really effective. The enemies like to bunch up, and launching into them only kills one at a time, so it's hard not to take damage.

Also, a small nitpick: I didn't really use the dash ability much, since the slingshot feels like a "better dash".

The combination of turn-based strategy and point-defense is certainly interesting, but requiring your units to defend a single fixed point comes at the cost of making the battle dynamic. Rather than re-positioning your units to make calculated advances into enemy territory, your best bet is sticking around the center of the map and shooting outwards. Though, I know the game was made with "rogue-like concepts" in mind, which I assume would help fix this problem. Aside from that, the gameplay is solid, and the end result is a competent strategy game.

I really like the concept behind this game, although the connection to the theme seems a bit loose. Additionally, the time constraints really show, and the game is pretty rough around the edges. Given more time, however, I could see this being a very interesting game!

I really like the concept of enemies damaging you by standing in the center area, it adds a fun dynamic where you have to knock the enemies out of the area to deal with them effectively. One thing I don't like is that the summoners spawn skeletons too quickly for you to deal with them, so if one gets into the center area, you end up dying pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, entry pages cannot be updated during the voting period. Once the voting period ends, however, you should regain full control over your entry.

Mechanic Jam community · Created a new topic Late entries?

The submission period is over. However, if you were unable to submit your game before the deadline, let me know before the end of the voting period, and I'll help you upload it.

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Neat mechanics and a captivating atmosphere. This concept has a lot of potential.

Number 3 cat exploder.

It's nice to be able to say that I've really accomplished something with my life.

The ways in which these games present their message is somewhat jarring. This, paired with the subject matter, creates an interesting sort of twist. Although short, these games were quite enjoyable.

Overall, pretty good given the time frame. As far as game play goes, fighting the cobras is a process that seems to rely more on brute strength than on timing and tactics, so it may be beneficial to consider adding a penalty for just mashing the attack button. Although the game only used one track from what I heard, the track wasn't too repetitive and did not irritate me, in addition to being a good track. The art varies in quality here and there; the animations and textures are consistently good, but the models look a bit off from some angles, and have a few holes. All-in-all, good work.

I enjoyed the concept, and most of the art looked very nice, but there isn't much to the game yet, and there are a few bugs. However, I could see this being made into a very enjoyable game given a wider time frame. The account system is a nice touch.

Per your request, and due to a lack of submissions, the jam's deadline has been pushed to the end of May 8th, EST. In addition, the judging period has been shifted ahead two days to accommodate.


Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I will replace the invite as soon as possible.