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You just download this mod and everything is included and functional, there are no extras and there never been any extras.

Hey! What extras?

Thank you for all the details, that assured me something must be wrong so I've investigated and found the source of the issue. I will have an update to resolve this out shortly. Thanks!

Hey! This isn't enough information for me to know, but it sounds like there are three cases here.

If you loaded the game and Sim view of other Sims changed, has their preferences changed as well?

- If they didn't change, but the view of other Sims did, then something about these other Sims changed. When their outfit or body changes, the view changes as well. This will especially happen when you edit them or remove CC clothing. Additionally, if you have the "Attractiveness Dynamic World View" enabled, Sims views will change with how the world changes and you might have very little control over it as that's how fashion and cultural/social preferences change.

- If they changed to something seemingly random, did you ever set their preferences in CAS? These preferences will override any other preferences you set or develop later in the game. If you didn't, I'm not aware of a situation where this can happen as Sims with already set/developed/randomized preferences are blocked from having new preferences therefore making it impossible to happen.

- If they changed to nothing, meaning they have no preferences selected at all, that sounds like you lost your WW save data. I'm not aware of anything that can cause this to happen. WW save data is embedded in the game save itself, using a fake empty household that holds global information about all Sims and the world. If for some reason that data goes missing or cannot be loaded, then that would result in preference missing as well. The issue is, I don't know of anything that would cause this data to disappear or fail to load. Thus far nobody is able to explain to me how and when it happens so I'm unable to help.

Hey! I wish, but the developers didn't introduce any way for ordering and I couldn't identify what defines the order. There might be a way, but I don't know it yet.

Hey! Sims sex has nothing to do with their ability to have a baby. You adjust their ability to impregnate, get pregnant, both or none in CAS Gender Settings. You haven't mentioned if you've done that but that is necessary for pregnancy to occur no matter if Sims are male, female or other.

If you want a Sim to be able to both impregnate and get pregnant, get my other mod.

I don't know how you're developing so I cannot comment on it, but you must be selecting something that sets Sims to like women.

Currently there's no way to play around with Impressions, but I will be coming back to that system.

That's right, it must be the rare occurrence of encountering an extremely attractive Sim.

Hey! There's absolutely no way for fertility awareness to state that these Sims had anything more than 1% of a chance if they had the Hypofertile trait. Sorry, I don't have any explanation for it, that's just not possible.

Hey! Yes, these settings were removed because they actually didn't do anything, it was a mistake that they were present in the mod. You have other settings to adjust if and when Sims use birth control and additional options in Sim inventory when clicking on the items.

Hey! These options don't show up for Sims that don't have a menstrual cycle, so Sims that cannot be impregnated. Did you alter that Sim CAS in any way?

Hey! So far this issue is related to the game itself so not much can be done to resolve it. We have to wait for the next game patch to address it.

Hey! Not seeing a reason for this to not work. Did you perhaps disable the "Attractiveness Memory Storytelling" setting? That would cause this feature to not do anything.

Hey. The option to scope surroundings only shows up if there are other Sims very close around your Sim. There never was an option to see another Sim gender preference, but you can use the debug functions by shift+clicking on Sims.

Hey! There is no pronounced menopause feature, but elder women Sims already don't experience the menstrual cycle and are infertile. Additionally, the Hypofertile attribute you can assign is meant to introduce severe fertility issues making it very difficult.

Otherwise, I don't have any plans for introducing these conditions, but there's still plenty to do, so who knows.

Hey! It took me a while, but I've looked into it and see the issue. This should be solved with the next (v13) release. Thanks.

Hey! Ones that come from a different mod that focuses on introducing these substances.

Hey! Yes, it gains Sims approximately 20% more fertility, not a static 20% but a scaleable relative 20% of their current fertility level. Fertility potions and massages have the same effect but they don't stack.

Due to WonderfulWhims not being the main mod I develop, the legacy edition of the game requiring a separate code base to develop on, and the need to switch between regular version and legacy edition, the development of a legacy version is way too much hassle. One will come when I'm confident the mod is stable with all of its features, as I will then no longer update it with new features.

Thanks, I'm glad you created an account just to write that.

Hey! Ordering items is dependant on the base game mechanic of delivering items to the mailbox, so the mail delivery Sim has to show up. If they don't show up in your game that might indicate you have something preventing it, but I'm not aware of anything doing so.

Mail is delivered every day at the morning hours.

Hey. Since you don't know about altering Sims fertility, you must be playing on the Menstrual Cycle mode. People with a menstrual cycle aren't fertile at all times, they are only fertile during their fertility windows. So you either wait for that time during the cycle or alter the settings to the Simple Pregnancy Mode where you change the pregnancy chances on your own.

Read more about it here:

Hey! There are no additional conditions, but there are minor limitations. Sims that just had WooHoo, Sims that are possessed, or Sims that are in full-body suits like the bear suit will not result in the alert. Otherwise, I'm not seeing anything that would prevent it.

Hey! Unfortunately, I cannot really help you with a Mac computer. Still, if you ever installed any other mods for The Sims 4, the process is the same. You place the PACKAGE and TS4SCRIPT file into your Mods folder and that's it.

Hey! I don't really have any explanation for the items not being delivered. WonderfulWhims uses the base game system that delivers mail, which should happen every day in morning hours. There's nothing I can do to help with that, the only thing I can think of is another mod altering how mail is delivered.

The only real reason for the Wonderful category to not show up on the phone is if it's on a Sim that cannot get pregnant.

What a twist on the story! He doesn't understand what he's missing out on.

Anyway, all you need to do is generate preferences for him, by going to Attractiveness -> Generate Specific and select Picked Sim Type in which you select her.

I see, from what I can tell, even when selecting Random, the generator is still provided with "relevant Sims", which decide about preferences. That is not correct as that obviously prevents things from being completely random, so I will have that adjusted in the next update. Thanks.

Hey! Unless you report the error file, nothing can be done, but you most likely just need to download WonderfulWhims again because v9 received a fix an hour after release.

Hey! I'm not sure what you mean. Attractiveness is per save, so switching saves wouldn't persists your Attractiveness choices between them. I'm not sure what you mean by generating attractiveness keeping the same traits, what are you expecting to be different? I don't know what you're attempting to do and what you select during generating matters.

Hey. Sorry, but that's just not what WonderfulWhims aims to do. Try getting MC WooHoo, that let's you enable these kinds of interactions if I remember correctly.

Hey! No, new whims were not added to the mod. They are pretty annoying to work with, so I didn't do any, but that could change in the future.

No statistics are stored by WonderfulWhims, and I don't have any plans currently, but it could be added.

Hey. What you're explaining won't work in a clean direct test, as Sims pick things randomly. This means that you will see them talk to any Sim and potentially create a romantic relationship. In a long-term test, these Sims should talk more often to the ones they find the most attractive, and the least to the ones they don't find attractive. If you were to collect the results for a longer period of time, you should see that being the case. Realistically though, they will talk to however they want, so that the game can actually still work.

I don't know of any such nasty stuff you're asking me about. This is a family friendly environment.

Hey! There's no compatibility with SoL, but that doesn't mean they conflict. You can use SoL with WonderfulWhims. If you want to use SoL Menstrual Cycle, disable it in WonderfulWhims.

That's right, it would be 6.25% of getting both pregnant at a 50% probability. The number of children that get born is not affected, but if you're asking about just one Sim getting pregnant then that's 25%.

That would be traits you have in CAS. Any old CAS trait that uses the 64-bit ID will prevent the Sim Profile from opening.

Hey! If I understand right, you didn't attempt to check if the attractiveness level is visible in the Sim Profile? That's where it is now, as the 1.68 game patch forced all of these tooltips to only display in the Sim Profile.

I would like to introduce a more comfortable and quicker way to read attractiveness level, but so far I haven't came up with anything good.

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Things sound about right. An important element to understand, is that even though you set the chance to 30%, it's not truly 30%, as each of the participants has to roll that chance. 30% is still pretty high, but can you roll it twice (one for the impregnator, one for the impergnated) with success? I get that this might not sound ideal, but this is made because using anything above 10% would often feel for majority of the users like using 99%.

With this logic, the probability of 30% is actually 9% (30% * 30%). The one that succeeds in your case, 40%, is actually 16%.

Hey! Have you tried not using birth control? Are you using the menstrual cycle? Do you understand that Sims aren't always fertile in the Menstrual Cycle? Is by saying "fertility fixed" you mean usage of the simple pregnancy mode? Did you set pregnancy percentages for pregnancy simple mode? Did you set pregnancy percentages for pregnancy simple mode for NPC Sims as well? Are the Sims involved capable of impregnating and getting pregnant? Do you have space in your household, max Sims is 8? Does the WooHoo involve human Sims, as servos or ghosts don't impregnate?

Hey. I don't know, I'm not the one to ask about this. There's a possibility that it will work, but I don't know what these mods do and how.