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Hey ! We just updated our game with the biggest update ever. Turbo Battle Tanks looks and feels now much much better.

Trailer :

Link :

What is TBT ?

Turbo Battle Tanks is a 2D shooter game in which you have to fight against your enemy on the same keyboard. You will have to use your ""skills"" and the bullets' properties to assert dominance over your friends.

Here are the first two songs we made. They are 100% free to use and download.

You can download them here :

We just posted some free assets for you !

Feel free to use them anywhere you want, they are free and also copyright-free without any restrictions !

1st pack :

2nd pack:

Here are some examples of what is on those packs :

Fisrt pack :

From the other pack :

Wow thank you so much, this is really helpful ! There is so many things we dind’t even thought. This is a pleasure to read and to have those sorts of feedbacks.

We will seriously think about all you said and try to improve what we can !

Really, thanks again.

What is our game : Turbo Battle Tanks is a local confrontation game. This means that it needs at leas 2 players on the same computer.

The gameplay is simple : you have 2 tanks on the screen, each one controlled by the extremity of the computer's keyboard. You have to destroy your opponent 10 times in order  to win. This is as simple as it seems.

There is multiple game modes as well as a tournament mode, with the ability to play with up to 8 players.

Here is the link :

We would love to have any kind of feedbacks, regarding the game, its itchio page or even the trailer. Really anything could help us !

If you encounter any bugs / problems, please write it down here so we can help you and hopefully fix it.

Turbo Battle Tanks community · Created a new topic Comments

Leave your comments and oppinions about the game here.

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Please leave feedbacks here  if you want to express something about the game.

Of course a ton of content is planned. New features will appear in the game as soon as the projetc progresses !

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Turbo Battle Tanks is a 2D top-down tank game, where you get the priviledge to destroy your oponent, aka « friend » (this status may not be guaranteed after the game). It requires to play on one and only one keyboard (local multiplayer), so yeah, you will be a bit stuck, but this is the objective.

This game is in early access and at the very beginning of it, but don’t worry, it is already playable and the updates are coming really fast.

You can watch the trailer right here buddy :  

Here are some of the maps alerady available :

This is our first game (we are a team of 2 developpers, and we made every single parts of this game),  so we are really proud of it. Because of this, we encourage every player to give us a maximum of feedbacks, to improve the game.

Currently, Turbo Battle Tanks costs only 1$, so go for it !