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Nah, Gold and Copper Bars are the way to go.  It's just like a big part of the game so I thought it should have a big quest objective.  The bars double up as metal though, so if you use those you really only need to fill in 60 of some other metal.  Steel is worth the most, but Gold would be the fastest to produce.

The out of bounds stuff is a little embarrassing!  When I redid the tilesets, I missed a collision box in there, they're all getting fixed though.

Nice, yea the Steam build is slightly newer.  Day 9 is when the new card battling stuff kicks off.

The game will save automatically every time you go to sleep.

Thank you so much!

If you're stuck RIGHT at the beginning you need to go North from the town into the science lab, there you can get the omni-tool and begin harvesting materials.

If you're stuck on the fishing quest, there are a few options to get past that.  I'll give you one method and leave you to figure out the others if you want the extra challenge.  The most direct solution is through tool mods.  Beck's Tech sells a mod called Squanto 1, once you install that in your Harvest tool you will sometimes find random fish while chopping down trees or mining stones.  Beck rotates his stock of mods daily, so you may have to check back multiple times before it shows up in his store.

It's the first door in the first dungeon, you get the notes to play the song from someone in the village nearby 

Ha it's no problem at all, I'm just glad to see you're enjoying it.  I have some similar plans to your totem idea with the blacksmith shop next to the cave, but no planned date for it.  The area around the ruins are definitely going to get some love, not in the form of puzzles, but it should be very fun for people.

Crops are also going to get a huge overhaul.  I'd like to redo them in this update, but if I don't have time it will definitely make it into the early access release.

I appreciate the kind words!

I changed the name of those potatoes, but never updated the actual object, so unfortunately another game breaking bug that will be fixed in the next update.  If you've saved your game, it may be broken until I can push a fix for it, so you'll be stuck until then.  If not, you can just leave them be and they'll rot next season.

Phew, that's good to hear at least.  Might have been a memory leak on my part.  I thought I fixed them all but I may have missed a few that build up over time and cause things to freeze up.

I haven't given a ton of thought to the rarities, but that's a good idea because the stars are kind of unintuitive.

I'll definitely be adding a feature to keep track of which items you've collected, with an appropriate reward for completing the collection.

The next update should be the last one for free demos, I'm probably going to switch over to Steam early access in January, but I'll be sure to pass a key your way when that happens.

I'm also going to take some time to add a save exporter in this month's update.  I can't replicate that crafting bug you're seeing, so hopefully that will help me grab different people's games and sort things out.  It would also let people transfer their games from the web version to the desktop version.

The Coke Oven is bugged in the most recent update, so that's it for the content currently.  A new update is going to release on Dec 27th that will fix that as well as add a ton of new content.

If you can spare the $1, Wonder Boy in Monster World is actually available as a virtual console download on Steam.  Perfect game to kill some time before the update comes out.  Otherwise I'm sure skipping around a youtube walkthrough would also get the job done for free.

That one is kind of intentionally obscure.  It's an in-joke among my friends, because all of us happen to love a game called Wonder Boy in Monster World for the Sega Genesis.  Anyone who has played it will instantaneously recognize the puzzle.

The music door and the gazebo in town are references to the game.


The last line is important, you can't do it alone.

Haha everyone has had a problem with it so far, I need an easier solution or some better hints.  The most direct route is to buy either the Squanto or Bacchus mods from Beck's Tech (then either harvest or gift items until you get a fish).  The easiest way is to research the Campfire at Etta's lab, cook some fruits or veggies that you've grown, and then donate them to the Potluck on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The backup method is to repair the Food Stall below Pete's house, and Ryan will sell a fish food item on Fridays.

Fantastic point, I'm currently working on an update that should be ready in about a week.  I'll probably make a post about it before then, but I do actually like having a short period of time before giving the player a hard-line objective.

So instead of speeding up the introduction, I'm adding some time-insensitive projects for the player.  Completing all of them before the Requests Board and Researchler are unlocked would be unrealistic, but they will give some direction to the start of the game as well as unlocking new items and mechanics.

As a compromise to people who dislike the slow start, I'm also adding an option to skip the introduction.  Skipping it will unlock the Request Board, Researchler, and Fishing immediately.

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The Last Craftsman is a life-sim where you become the new Craftsman of a small town called Gear Springs.  The big cloud over the town is that the Craftsman before you went mad and tried to destroy it.

The job of a Craftsman is to upkeep the town and fulfill requests.  The requests are usually very vague though, which makes it your responsibility to figure out which items are appropriate.  If someone wants something "cute", you could give them a pretty bow to put in their hair or a handful of cute little tadpoles that you caught, I'm sure they'd be happy with both.

Any and all feedback is appreciated!