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Love the character art and the concept.

I like the map and the exploration aspect of the game. I also thought the feature that spawns in another mage was fairly cool.

A true masterclass!

The puzzles are really well made and the rewind mechanic is pretty cool.

The art and music is amazing.

I really liked the art style.

This is honestly not to bad for a first game. The dialog was pretty cool.

The idea behind this game is actually really cool.  Just needs a bit of polish. Other than that the game is good and fun.

Super cool and well polished game. The puzzle is very well made and the idea is well executed.

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. I'll be sure to check out your game.

This game is something you could definitely continue working on. It has potential.

Cool Game!

The dialog system (even though not perfect) is a really cool feature especially for a game jam.

The graphics and lighting really make this a solid game.

The level design was really intuitive and the animation and execution of the time mechanic was really well done.

This has got to be the most creative use of rewind I have seen.

Overall this is a good first game and I liked the text animations.

Cool Game. I like the art style and the idea for the game.  I actually think the floaty jump is a cool feature in the game.

The level design was very well done and I liked the use of rewind.

The game was fun and the assets and soundtrack were good. There was just a bit of lag.

The graphics and sound were very good and I enjoyed the game.

The game is very fun an the graphics look great. The only criticism I can give is the rewind theme could have been incorporated more.

Very cool idea and execution.