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Thanks I wasnt sure if it was something I could share or not but I went with it was okay. Now I know.

Okay. Np. if you have the power can you pass it along they can close my case. Ill keep what I purchased. I have replied to confirmation email saying I would like the cancel the refund request as well. Thanks again for the help!

LOL the name. 

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So last week I purchased a bundle. Im new to so I didnt understand that this bundle was set up like humble bundle where the more you pay the more you get. Anyways I seen the bundle was 50 bucks but when I clicked on it.. it said buy now 20 bucks. (That was within my budget. 50 was not)

I was like omg hell yeah! The bundle came with a bunch of assets but the most thing I wanted was these programs. Mainly PixaTool PixaTool by Kronbits ( The whole bundle was Gamedev PRO by Kronbits, CodeManu -

Anyways I put in a email to support asking for refund, and I will admit it's taking longer than I am used to. At this point I'm actually just considering keeping the content. My only question is... Can I come back and pay the difference and get the rest of the items?  like the whole bundle?  To be clear I do want to cancel the Refund request. Im just curious now if I went to buy the rest of the bundle if its a pay the difference situation or pay in full again. 

"Your request (174266) "
Transaction ID: redacted by admin

Does it just end at the end? Got to the end of the last level and it stopped doing anything. I loved it! The last level made me feel good to figure out.