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Finally tried to play it, and was dismayed to see that is not possible to play it with a keyboard :(

Nice game. I beated the 3 levels, and in the end it feels like you defeat their home world!

- The html5 is not showing for me. I had to download it to play.
- The fixed direction shots are not very fun to play against... you get overwhelmed at the start of the level by the sheer number of bullets, but once you go up it is very easy to shoot everything from above/side.
- The enemy bullets ricochet in a weird way, it almost seem like they are "sliding" on the rocks.
- The little asteroids caught me by surprise... every other planet/black hole/etc was harmless and just scenery. More than once I thought I died without getting hit, but it was true...

yeah, I beated the level a while ago after seeing a speedrun of it. But I would never think that a glider could maintain upwards momentum

Nice little game. It didn't addapt to my widescreen, and windowed mode have a problem when the mouse slip outside the window :P

Nice concept. The back and forward with a main dev made it work.

Last level could have a zoom out maybe. I couldn't see what the buttons were doing.

cute game and nice concept. I didn't enjoy having to backtrack just to take my hat off

The enemy count to beat the level should decrease each time I kill one

The atmosphere is nice, but it bugs me that you have to shoot and destroy every create that is in your way. The monsters jump so fast that you cannot react to them... you simply have to be out of reach, and that is very easy. After the first 2 rooms I didn't even care about killing them, I just jet pack to the next door.

I don't think so... the only "special" one is the lazy guy that I have to try to select him 3 times or whatever

Just beated the game with every carreer. Really fun and well done game! The elbow line move (or something) is kind of useless though. It is a 3rd evolution and it compares to basic moves.

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I used the download button and got the game. Just the file manager of app doesn't work for your game (other games are fine).

Thank you for this amazing game! The slow motion seems kind of pointless

When I try to install via app there is no file available.

Nice game. The dash movement seems a little splitted maybe the end of the animation could be better. I also found a bug: when using the laser, if you hit a pilar, the laser stays short even when aiming away.

This game is very well done. I like it a lot. The visual with the lights were really special.

I spent 30% of the demo thinking that "power" was the ammo, and it wasn't goin down because it was bugged, so I was shooting sparingly. Once I got the first secret upgrade I was like ohhhhh and infinite ammo it is. It made the game much more enjoyable once I was firing almost constantly hehe. I was having so much fun with the rapid fire that I discovered that you can charge just after beating the boss.

Not being able to return to the start left a bad feeling of not exploring everything. The boss was alright, a bit on the easy side, but I guess that's perfect when it's the first you will probably encounter.

I enjoyed the game. I got stuck on the bridges and mushrooms of the first world, and could not finish lvl 8 at all! The goal is just to high up. For some reason the upwards momentum just stops. I got 2 close calls, but to no avail. You can check the whole gameplay here:

 the last battle suffers from reusing the right click for multiple actions. I would love to be able to jump while holding the pumpkin

Nice game! The "run from the static" blood on the wall made me instantly afraid of the flickering. Fear by sound was awesome. Some bugs: when playing with ultra wide-screen you can see beyond the dark mask, and sometimes even the corridor on the other side of the wall. Also the elevator go down even if you hit "up" on your keyboard.

It is hard not to compare this to 10-103:NULL KELVIN. You improved in null kelvin in almost every way. The only thing that I prefer in this one is the way the credits roll. Congratulations!

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I managed to get to the painter, but could not traverse the water nor the door with the RGB lock. Is there any development pass those points? The "combine" mechanic of the items is very weird. Maybe you could click them and they would be outlined instead of shake. The launcher is very deceiving displaying inputs like jump and etc

I wonder if there is more than 2 types enemies. Maybe a bestiary would help. If the objective is to get the highest score, the highscore should persist between games.

There could be an icon when you have something interesting to report, so you don't have to worry with those "nothing to report" or repeated messages. Other than that really great game!

When you get a haircut your hair doesn't change at all :(

Sometimes it's a sentence that you cannot answer with YES or NO. There is even an "or" question that's somewhat confusing.