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Thank you! We're so honored to have the game accessible to more people, it actually gets sometimes MORE downloads in Russian than English!

Thank you so much for playing and this kind comment! Hopefully your wish will come true, we really want to make more games in this setting to reveal more about the characters and the world :) We'll need to save up some money to be able to fund it but we really hope to someday make sequels!

Thank you so much for this big comment and all this kind praise, we're so glad you had fun and got to see some of the things  the show didn't go in depth on and that it felt in-character at the same time, that was definitely the goal!

¡Sí, es real!

Thank you so much for checking it out and we're so glad you had fun!

Thank you!

I don't know for sure if she has written exactly the same kind of thing, but Camden makes other hypnosis content, I think you might be able to find it via her twitter

So glad you had fun! Exit is way too much fun haha that's why we keep putting her in a lot of the games we make!

We're really glad that the game let you imagine a future that you found so comforting! That was definitely the goal, to make a sort of service we wished was real. Thank you for playing it!

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I played this with my partner and had a wonderful time, it allows space for jokes, and also intimate moments. It is SUCH a great framework for having a fun roleplay session! I would totally recommend it, especially if you like Lupin!

Oh and I forgot to mention that the formatting and visual design for it is really charming, too! It's easy to forget how hard it is to make a pdf look pretty, and they definitely did a wonderful job!

Thank you so much for putting in that extra energy for us, these comments always help my day improve and drive me forward to keep working hard. Thank you!

I can't say enough how much we deeply appreciated your and your partner's help in the dev process! Having both of your in-depth feedback was a huge boost to making the game and catching a lot of errors that gave it the polish it has. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! We're extremely happy to hear you felt it was so fulfilling!

Thank you for this really in-depth comment and for the kind praise! It feels really great knowing people "got it" on what we were going for in terms of a harmony of mechanics and mentality. I'm so happy to hear you had a good time with it! Thanks again for checking it out and letting it give you some emotions! That's never something we take for granted, we appreciate it :D

Sorry about that mix up! Thank you for telling me, I think I fixed it, here's the right link:

I'm sorry it took so long! I finally got around to emailing you back, you did such wonderful work, I'm so grateful! Thank you!

Thank you so much, that's incredibly helpful! We'll work on patching that and updating the game in the next week.

Thank you so much for the review!

For that Goose error if you happen to remember the scene it was in even vague details of around when it was that will help me hunt for that, please let me know. I tried to catch all of those for the most recent build, I hate to have still missed one.

It's completely fair to say the mystery was more on the easy side, I definitely underestimated how hard it is to write a puzzle that is not too obvious but also not too difficult. I really hope if we have more chances to make games in this universe that we can refine that level and get it to feel satisfyingly challenging but not unclear. Ace Attorney makes it look easy, sheesh!

As for Dea, Royce writes her amazingly and I love her so much too, I feel like she has 1000 watt personality hehe she has been in a few other games we've made in different iterations, though they are NSFW. I really hope to expand this universe further if we can! Thank you again for the support and feedback!

Wow I'm surprised you did it so quickly! My email address is chibisilverwings@ and hopefully I can answer questions and such for you there.

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed what we made! Some of our shortcuts were due to the time constraints of the competition which meant making most of the game within only a month. We have added a few things since then (such as unique bad ends for each wrong choice) but yeah backgrounds being this combo of photo and watercolor definitely helped us have the ability to have this many.

As for a happier ending for Harold (and Faraday too) we really hope to tell more stories with them and to hopefully give both of them a longer arc to resolve some of their current issues. The hope would be if this ever becomes successful enough to pay the bills, we want to do about 4 or so more "chapters" that explore more of the world and give Hawley and Harold a chance at growing and healing. But for now that stuff is kinda outside our reach until we have more firm footing moneywise. But I certainly won't say never!

Thanks very much for your kind enthusiasm and I'm pretty sure we'll make more games in the future, though what they might be I can't be sure yet :D

Thank you so much! I'm really glad the world is getting people excited, I would love to make more in this universe. I'm sorry I took so long to reply!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a kind comment and for enjoying our game, even though it's not in your first language! I'm very glad the mystery wasn't too hard, so that people could get a good idea of who the killer is without feeling very stressed out.

I love Hawley and Harold so much and it's wonderful to hear you enjoyed them too!

We would be thrilled if you wanted to try translating it into Russian, we would even be happy to add your name to the credits for your translated version so people knew who did all that hard work! We are actually going to be adding a bit more to the game in about a week, giving all the wrong answers for the suspect their own unique ending instead of just one that plays for all of the wrong answers, so you might want to wait for that.

We only would like to ask that you please let us host your translation on this game page, so that people can find it more easily. And we would also ask for you to please not change any of the LGBT characters relationships, because they're very important to us, thank you!

We might try to sell our original English version of the game after the game game jam is over, but we would be happy to keep the Russian version free to make sure people can access it! I hope you do make a translation, because I would love to see it!

Thank you so much! It's nice to know we were able to catch your attention!

I'm sorry I took so long to reply, thank you for this incredibly kind and in-depth comment! For Hawley and Harold they've had a lot of development in the past as OCs, but this is the first time they're getting put in to any formal project and solidified, I think the depth probably comes from our comfort level writing them vs some of the characters in the cast being more new hehe

The music was such a joy to find, Myuu's work is so incredible and we felt extremely lucky that he offered SO MANY tracks  for creators to use!

This was my first time writing a mystery and I wanted it to be not TOO difficult to solve. I know after making this I gained huge admiration for Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney games that I never had before, just trying to see how they worked their mechanics and charismatic characters was a great thing to study, but I never really realized how masterful and complex it can be to put clues in and deliver enough turns and twists to keep the player guessing!

I'm so grateful to hear you enjoyed it, thank you so much for taking the time to play it and let us know such detailed thoughts about it!

Thanks so much! The characters were my focus for the most part, so it's really a delight to hear that they stood out for people. Thank you for checking it out!

So happy you were able to get it finished and I also love that CG hehe. Thanks so much for the glowing review and for taking the time to finish it even after getting stuck for a bit. We seriously appreciate it! Let's hope Nowak continues to get his ass kicked in the future hehe

Thank you so much for such a lengthy and loving comment! I'm really happy that you liked Harold and Faraday, they're characters we've been working on for a really long time, so it would be a joy to maybe make more with them in the future. The world has a lot of aspects left to explore, hopefully we'll have the opportunity in the future to do so. But either way, it's so nice to hear you liked it so much!

I'll be sure to let you know if I make an update on those bad endings. It's something I'm working on in my spare time and hopefully I'll get it done along with maybe some other bits of polish for visuals :)

We have a massive number of geese where I live, Canadian Geese and some farm geese too. I really find them charming even if a lot of people don't like them. They're so big and round and they look so soft!

I think the game is about 2-3 hours, it was so tough to get this much done in the time limit but hearing you had some coffee with the game and had fun really brightens my day, thank you again for taking the time!

So glad to hear you liked it and that the mystery and the notebook helped make the game flow to the correct answer without being too tough on the player. I also love geese so high five there hehe

I had no idea how to write a mystery myself, so this was a challenging one for us, in terms of coding, writing and sheer number of characters and locations! In terms of bad endings I had such limited time that they're not as interesting or unique as I would like, maybe I can take some time to beef them up a bit in the next few weeks, that would be something I'd love to touch up now that we're outside the time crunch haha

Thank you again so much for taking the time to play our game and leave such an in depth comment!

Thank you so much for such high praise. And yes Lupine was very heavily inspired hehe he and Goose steal imps, which is a bit different than stealing for glory or fun, but they share a similar joy about what they do :)

Thanks so much for helping us spot those, I found 3 in the seance scene, and hopefully we got them all. We've uploaded a new build, we appreciate your help catching those mistakes!

Thank you very much for checking it out! I wanted to let you know there seems to be a bit of visual capture glitch towards the end quarter of the video.

Thank you so much!

Thanks so much for checking it out and enjoying the game! We didn't want the mystery to be TOO challenging, so I'm glad to hear you didn't have too much trouble :) And as for Harry and Faraday, it's definitely a dysfunctional but romantic relationship lol

Ahhh this is such a kind comment to receive! I'm so happy to hear our characters stood out, that was one of our goals, and it feels great to hear we did it! Thank you so much and I'm super glad to hear that you're interested in seeing more, too. This is a world that has a lot more potential stories in it! Knowing people might want more is great news hehe Thank you again for playing!

All of the assets were watercolor paintings so they were physical pieces that Royce painted and scanned. We sold almost all of the assets actually, but we have some left on etsy at last check so you can see what some of the paintings look like when not in the game if you'd like :)

Thank you so much for supporting us like that, and for taking so much time playing the game! It's so nice to hear you enjoyed it that much!

It's wonderful to know you got to explore something about yourself that you haven't had the chance to elsewhere, thank you so much for taking the time to let us know and I hope it helps you feel safe and seen!

So thrilled to know you felt validated by the game, thank you for playing and for sharing your enjoyment with us, it makes us so happy to hear!

Yes there are, in basically every route.