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And about the other DLCs? (OST, skins)

Not downloadable from the itch client (Windows)?

I illustrate the problem with this fresh capture:

While I download the updates, it searches for it and offers me the same update endlessly. On the present case, BEACON 2.9 is an update I already downloaded 3 times...

=> If you search for game updates while there is some game updates, you should remove it from the list? Or consider that, except a cancel, they already have the future version currently downloaded?

Or maybe it's the fault of the game publishers, I don't know.

I refuse to install this fake update so no problem. Maybe the full game is also marked as demo? Or it's an itch bug? You can test if you install the full game then check for update.

No, I'm not talking about the game but about a configuration problem of your updates with the itch client. You set the demo as an update of the full game, which should not be.

Up. Not solved.

Hello, from the itch client on Windows the demo is proposed as an update for the v1.2_bindingsFix.

The OST is not downloadable from the itch client on Windows.

Nice thank you.

The OST is not downloadable from the itch client on Windows.