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The only enemy in this game is the controls. It's abhorrent to play but a lot of fun

It's not on my server list anymore and the invite doesn't work. Did it get deleted or am I just banned?

the player's hitbox is really large compared to the player sprite

Great game, I liked the gameplay and storytelling. I also found two secret rotters in the same run.

It's true, but I won't say it, that way other people will be forced to do it too

Great game but I have only managed to get the enemy to hit the onion once, despite several attempts.

I really like the game and I think you could make a few improvements. For example, the big underground enemies spawn quite often, which makes them difficult to keep in check without having 10 priest towers. I also encountered a bug where all my workers would be dead and I would be unable to spawn more due to reaching the worker cap.

I can't believe it! I start following this guy because of the game jams, and next thing I know: he makes a porn game. What will people think of me now?

Having ZQSD or arrow controls would be nice to non wqerty keyboard users

It's amazing how you can just imagine all the story's details from three lines

The physics are a bit weird but a great game nonetheless.

Great game, ZQSD or arrow controls would be a nice addition for non-qwerty keyboard users

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Story log: (starting at 3 because I didn't think about doing that for the first two)

3: Good leaf
dying spider needed cave
child tempted shrunken knight

4: Lost sheep
Young cleric found pig
Happy villager sought cemetery

5: Fat thing
Monkey walked glen
Dreary knight rode prince (📸🤨)
Happy whale promised gardener

6: Distant pirate
Foolish elephant refused golden skull
Ancient widow consoled cemetery
Raiders defeated

7: Arcane skeleton
Frilly hound kidnapped dark frilly painting
Dark spider consorted ancient island
Lovely dove caught distant treasure

Dear level 1, 

You claim to be a "Mad forest".
However, if someone were to visit the place, there would be no trees to be found. Can you explain this.

No more infinite tattoo exploit Afficher l’image source

After doing the math, I concluded that there is a 2.358983^-31% chance of getting 100%, with a 1/27 chance for each possible character a monkey can type, and 20 characters including spaces in "All you need is love".

excuse me?

I see it on , in the Related Collections section. I have also tried logging out and checking the page, or using a different browser. Either way, the recommendations stay the same. 

These are the first two results that I see.

Actually made me cry 10/10

Simple and a lot of fun to play, I like it.

Reminds me of Right Click To Necromance, pretty cool.

Itch has been showing me 'related collections' which include NSFW material in the "browse" section, despite the option for showing NSFW things in Search and Browse being disabled on my account. Please note that I had not visited any NSFW games or accounts before this happened. 

Is there any way to prevent this? I don't really want to have pornography thrown at my face against my will, especially since my little brother (who is a minor) is also susceptible to seeing these pages.

The game really has that Mario feel to it. I can't wait to see more.

I love the game. Increasing the difficulty a bit more in later encounters would have been nice though.

We're in 2022 now and the game most likely isn't getting anymore updates, but I gotta say I really like it. Or, should I say, the 3 and a half fights I get in each run, because it's really hard. 

It would be nice to be able to edit the controls. Playing with an AZERTY keyboard is a pain

You could always make a 'jam version' of the game, which you keep the way it was after the 40 hours, and an upgraded version which gets updates and all that

The game has great potential, but it throws you into things without giving you the time to understand what's going on, making it very difficult at the start.

Idk why but none of the controls work for me

The game is lovely, and the mechanics are excellent. Nothing else to say.

It would be nice if arrow controls or non-default ones also worked in the crafting menu. It's a real pain to do with an AZERTY keyboard.

The new UI looks great compared to the old one, but I wish you would have kept the dice-shaped boxes in most places, they looked really nice.

I just died at floor 25, and it told me I unlocked something, but nothing has changed other than the energy counter being at the top of the grid.

Is there a way to download the game or is it browser exclusive?

I just finished the last ending, and I gotta say this is brilliant. The way you do stuff without noticing it during the first playthrough really blew my mind.

I love the idea, you should really make a longer version.

I really love the game, althrough I found a bug: dice at their highest level can still get upgraded by the "3 random upgrades" encounter, which wastes the upgrade.