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The game is awesome but lacks that most important detail. An introductory adventure or any adventure support. It has a few pages on campaigns but it's not much to go on IMO. Everything else is great. Hopefully someone publishes adventures for it.

How is the Interactive download different?

I finally played EB and am very intrigued however I'm really curious about the adventure generation in the book. I understand the rules and failed careers but it's the adventure generation that piques my interest and why I'm hmmming and hawing about buying.

That was fun.

You doing a POD anywhere?

Thank you! Running Lake Tower in a few hours!

Have you designed character tokens for VTTs? Or do you have individual images of the 5 Kin that I can shrink into tokens? Using Gimp I can change hair and clothes colour.

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I'm just realizing now that the monsters don't attack (separate from the player action). The monsters declare what they're doing and the player decides if their character attacks, defends or does something else. Is this more correct?

When the monsters reset after all the PCs are unconscious, do the keys and doors reset as well or stay open/used?

Attacking and Defending. You can lose hearts either way right? Eg. In a one-on-one battle you take turns attacking but other than using a different attribute, both the monster and the character can lose hearts? Is this correct? if instead of attacking you go full defense, you mitigate the lose of a heart on a 3?


Are you going to enable a license to publish adventures for the game by other publishers?

Will there be a print-friendly version?

Will there be a print version?

I placed a treatment for the Fungal Hunger there. I love the Down Below!

Got it printed and excited to try it out. Thank you!

I'm sure it's been mentioned before; have you considered some type of print-on-demand fulfillment? There used to be a few indie comic pod services but I haven't looked in a few years. I'd love to buy these in print!

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Has anyone posted a YouTube session of this yet?

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How do I contact someone for a print version (to Canada)?

Wow! Hooked!