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When the monsters reset after all the PCs are unconscious, do the keys and doors reset as well or stay open/used?

Attacking and Defending. You can lose hearts either way right? Eg. In a one-on-one battle you take turns attacking but other than using a different attribute, both the monster and the character can lose hearts? Is this correct? if instead of attacking you go full defense, you mitigate the lose of a heart on a 3?


Are you going to enable a license to publish adventures for the game by other publishers?

Will there be a print-friendly version?

Will there be a print version?

I placed a treatment for the Fungal Hunger there. I love the Down Below!

Got it printed and excited to try it out. Thank you!

I'm sure it's been mentioned before; have you considered some type of print-on-demand fulfillment? There used to be a few indie comic pod services but I haven't looked in a few years. I'd love to buy these in print!

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Has anyone posted a YouTube session of this yet?

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How do I contact someone for a print version (to Canada)?

Wow! Hooked!