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Triple Eh?

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Go down. You unlock the barrier elsewhere.

Yeah, he saw it when it came out. :)

Apologies for the delay, not looked in here for a while. 

Thanks for the feedback and for giving it a play :)

Thank you. Very much appreciated :)

There's a physics bug on Mac that isn't present on the other platforms and I've not got a fix for it yet. 

Not super keen on going through all the notarisation stuff Apple have added, either. 

So, I'm not sure if there'll ever be a Mac version. If there is I will provide it here.

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Yeah, that's a good idea. I'll consider that for future games in this style.

Just fixed the keyboard thing. But it's created an amazing new bug where input is not debounced, so what ever button you're holding down between the transitions will fire off immediate :(

No idea how to fix that.

Fixed. Ages ago :D

Yup, spotted that this morning. Fixed the UI for Eugatron. Will check the keyboard input thing before the next build.

Fixed: Room was missing some checks, swarm blobs ignore the player's option

Yup, that's the plan. Might not be Day 1 release, though.

Player should be invulnerable for  0.3s after death in Cecconoid, as well.

On the first run of Eugatron, the player remains locked until the end of the screen transition. It should be half that duration. Could be the DevModeEnter, probably the changes made to how the player is forced offscreen until the level commences...

Fixed: I think. Found an issue with the PlayerController, fixed, deadzone smoothing changed, fingers crossed etc.

Fixed: Added null checks

This is the bounce sound effect. The baddies get stuck in the collision and bounce permanently. Left it cos it's useful to the player. Have reduced the volume of the sound effect though.

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Fixed: Particles were missing ParticleSimulationSpeed.cs component. (There might be more like this.. Edit: there were, the Prize Drop stars wouldn't have paused either)

Fixed. Added FadeMusicInstant to gs_Game_Exit.

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This is consistent with the other loot boxes, since they're under the influence of gravity / are free moving physics objects. Ones placed in the rooms are static objects and set to never move.

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Collision Bug: You can touch an enemy and not die. Most of the game (enemies) think you're dead, but you can happily run about...

Not seen this in days.

Post any bugs / issues in here.