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Triple Eh?

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Cecconoid community · Created a new topic Nice To Haves

Game missing something? Add a comment here :)

Post any bugs / issues in here.

CAM_PLAYER_IDLE_CAM_RESET doesn't bounds check to the dungeon room dimensions, which causes the pop when it reverts back to CAM_PLAYER_IDLE

Standing still in a doorway (after transition) will eventually cause the camera to pop away from the player

  • Stamina recharge is immediate, need to have a cool-off period from button release before it recharges.
  • Pressing the button should take 4x a normal frame's usage

Won't fix. By design :P

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  • Dialogs need to tell PlayerState to clear PickupCarryActor
  • PlayerState shouldn't accept these when UI is active
  • PlayerCharacter can stop casting when RespondsToInput is false
Maenhîr community » Bugs · Created a new topic v0.CHIM Issues
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Known Issues:

  • Moving platforms don't respect the player in any shape or form
  • Pickup items don't clear when you walk away from them, meaning you can pick something up from anywhere
  • Transitioning between rooms in a dungeon doesn't respect the state of the sprint button
  • Run speed in dungeons seems to differ from exteriors. (In houses you're purposefully slowed down)
  • SetVelocityInLocalSpace when throwing items doesn't check if the item is pending kill. 
  • Pot debris have physics colliders for too long, possible to run over them with the player and do some grief. 
  • Probably something else on a post-it somewhere that I can't see...
  • Encumbered movement through dungeon doorways is TEH B0RK3D