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Aye, good thing you got rid of that game. Remember me, Maqsoom? You prolly won't read this but whatever.

Hey, this is kinda fun!

Aw damn. This one costs money. Welp, I bet I would have enjoyed it plenty. I mean, I should if the price is 7 dollars. How are you all enjoying the game?

Yes to get the sixth beta you are going to have to purchase the game on steam. I have. I thought beta 6 was going to be free then I finally bought it on steam and all the new content was in the beta 6 videos and stuff. 

Lol. Don't like being exposed, huh?


Okay... Sure, buddy. I'm going to need a little more than that.

I need proof and proof is something that I am not convinced to any degree you have.

If we were in court for this, you'd be fucked bro. I'd like to see you tell me otherwise

If the itch.io account "flower123" does not belong to you, then why the hell are you replying to my reply made on the Ravenfield page about my game rating on your own game? The only answer is: flower123 is your own account and you are using it to spread the word about your game. It is also how you "found" my reply and replied back to it. Also, flower123 is an account that was created two days ago from the current time. The only things posted by that account was one comment on Likerfield, and three others on Ravenfield, sharing links to Likerfield while all saying the same thing. That is so lame. Pathetic even. You are pathetic.

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Um.... yeah uh I don't know why you expect me to remove my rating. If someone doesn't like your game, leave 'em alone and move on. Would you rather me tell everyone bad things about your game? I wouldn't do that because that's stupid but my rating is staying. Your welcome bro.

*Edit* Also, I just now have grown a sneaking suspicion that "flower123", the account used to share the link to your game, belongs to yourself. Really man?

yeah um ravenfield is a tad better, buddy.

Aren't we all?

Well of course the sixth beta is gonna be free. The full game isn't.

uh... hell yeah

Haven't heard? I believe beta 6 was suppose to be released in april this year.

Last day of April! Don't lose your patients folks!

Probably never. And that is probably a good thing.

Don't you worry 'bout dat, theres plenty other channels speading the word about the game.

Dude he needs to make money somehow stop whining for him to make it free that's pathetic. You should be lucky you have a computer.


Are you... asking to get the game for free? hmm... It should only be 10-15 dollars you don't need to be asking to get it for free just save up. Buy a visa card or something and put the money on steam. It's really not hard. I'm unbelievably low on money now but I know I can still save up a bit to buy a $15 game.

In my opinion, they can leave the water alone. Not too important. But um, the game. It's awesome. I don't know how long it takes for a game to be put on steam after being greenlit but others and I have been waiting for a bit now. This is now my second favorite FPS game out there, first place going to Garry's Mod. Nothings going to beat gmod. But ravenfield man, it's impressive. Really fun game!

Alright, I'm almost embarrassed myself just needing to tell you this. Who goes into a first person shooter and doesn't know how to aim, and also doesn't try any buttons to figure it out? It's the right mouse button. You can also see ALL of the key bindings when you launch the game.

Alright, I'm seeing a lot of videos on Ravenfield Beta 6 and I saw a video on Ravenfield Early Access Build 1. How do I get access to these??? Is there a place to pay for it?

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Also, I'm seeing videos with "Beta 6" in their titles. Is that going to be a thing soon or is it already a thing??? Or is beta 6 the steam version that's being released? I'm so confuzzeled. Please inform!

Well, this is one of the coolest first person shooters I've both seen and played myself in my whole life. And I play a lot of fps... And I love it when fps have singleplayer options like a campaign, and a match against bots. But this takes that all to a very new level and IT'S AMAZING.

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Well, I can see that a lot of things can be improved. I may be dumb for not seeing this somewhere but I can't seem to scope with the sniper rifle or reload my guns early using the basic FPS controls... And some better animations can be added, like much better spring animations so my character points the gun down when he runs instead of it wobbling more, or when I fire there can be a flash of fire from the gun and a bolting animation for the sniper rifle so when I fire it, I pull back the bolt then push it back. Otherwise this game is pretty neat. The enemies look cool. I like that they are simple in design. I guess that's it for now. Thanks!

*edit* Oh, and a lot more guns. Like single shot, powerful pistols and weak automatic ones, different shotguns, burst rifles, long range machine guns, and even knifes and swords too. :D

Wow, this is pretty neat. Kinda touching to me. I don't have any suggestions for this one. Just good job on what you made so far. Really. Thanks.