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Pong Strike

A topic by Maqsoom created Jun 24, 2017 Views: 238 Replies: 12
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Hi Guys! A new Game from Maqsoom Studios!

This is a 1-4 paddle game play and download it at

I tried playing it but all the ball is just stuck to the front of my paddle :(

Also if you want sounds, I can send you the ones I made for my Pong game, if you like!

Ok! You Can Give me! 

My email!

here attach me sound files

why did likerfield disappear? :(

Hi Bro! Likerfield is not disappeard we are working and making bots! check out beta 3

Try visiting the page in incognito mode - it's invisible to us now :)

I dont Know :P! 


Maqsoom(Developer of Likerfield , Pong Strike)

still hidden - maybe helps

Bro You want to play Likerfield or Pong Strike! Let me check!!!


Bro! We Have Removed it from the web we are remastering it! from 0 to 100.

that's why, you should have told iwan in the first place

Aye, good thing you got rid of that game. Remember me, Maqsoom? You prolly won't read this but whatever.