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Thanks so much for the feedback! Might be biased here, but my game jam partner did some killer work on the models - it was my first time working with assets like these too and it was so smooth to import them into Unity! Thanks again for playing - glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing, Kitten! :D

Hi, thanks for the feedback! You're right, I think the car controls ended up being a bit RC-car more than speedy taxi, and part of the post-jam plan is to come back and add some proper acceleration-based movement to the player! 

Thanks very much for playing, though - glad you had fun!

Thank you very much for the kind feedback! Glad to hear that you had fun with it, thanks very much for playing! :D

Thanks very much for the feedback! Hope you enjoyed the game, thanks for playing!

A fun game! It was fun taking my time to strategise with each weapon and figure out where best to use them (especially with the way some enemies have immunity to certain weapons!)

Hi, thanks for the feedback! Glad you had fun! We're hopefully planning on adding some bits and bobs post-jam too so watch this space!

Thanks for playing!

Hey, thanks for taking the time to leave some feedback! Glad that you enjoyed it!

Big agreement with everything you're saying - audio was one of the things that we were very keen to add but just ran out of time! (Lessons for the future, I think!) The same can be said for the collision, too - it ended up being a little bit hastily done at the end and I think there's definitely some inconsistency with the "alleys" between buildings. Definitely going to be adding that to the touch-ups in the post-jam build!

Thanks again for the feedback and thanks for playing! 

Thanks very much for the feedback! Glad to hear you had a fun time with it and it's super heartening to hear that you started thinking of new ways to get around the customer changing their mind and setting new destinations all the time - our core aim with everything was to see how players might strategise around the sudden obstacle (i.e. constant changes) so it feels great to hear it straight from a player!

Agreed on the audio - wish we could have gotten around to it but there are potential plans being made to update this post-jam with some new bells and whistles, audio included!

Thanks again for playing!

Hi guys! Just wanted to clarify - we said Yes to the audio but the game didn't quite get audio in the end! Apologies for the confusion and thanks for the first-time jam fun! :D

This game is so fun! Even without the super interesting optimisation and design within the limitations, the platforming feels great and it's been great to play with four friends for some hectic co-op fun. Thanks so much for making this!