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Trent Sterling

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JELLY SHIFT community · Created a new topic NO U R A BUM

Multiplayer? WOW! That's impressive for a 4 day jam game. Nice work.

Played the update! Much improved!

Aww! I love you guys! Thanks! :D

Man, what a good way to work One Breath into a sokoban twist! I liked these puzzles!

An undo button would be really cool for us stupid casuals! 

Nice work!

Loved it!

This one is the clearest winner as far as polish, graphics, and complete experience goes - to me anyway. It feels like the complete package. The artwork is cute and I love the style. 

Everyone's probably gonna comment on the camera controls... I think we expected the Mario64 camera and got something that was a bit "off".

This disconnect of camera from controls was a bit disorienting at first. It would just be cool if it would follow the fish facing direction much more directly.

Maybe run the same function that the alt-key fired - every frame.  And speed up lerps / tween parameters.

But hell yeah! A main menu and good audio to wrap it all up. Last suggestion I could imagine is a childrens / relaxation mode without the air-running-out-feature. I died right before I hit the water - coming off the stairs / deck. 

Hey man - glad you got this out!

Best game ever made 11/10