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I wrote a Game Design Document last year covering mechanics and plot for a strategy game. May I implement it and enter it? The art and code will be freshly drawn and programmed for this jam.

I wrote a Game Design Document last year covering mechanics and plot for a strategy game. May I implement it and enter it? The art and code will be freshly drawn and programmed for this jam.

Thanks for asking! I'm glad to see this question answered

May we submit our entry to multiple jams with overlapping timeframes and rules?

I played the compiled version found in Essays on Empathy along with a documentary and an art gallery that includes a spreadsheet walkthrough of flower consequences. Great stuff.

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Is cute! Slight bug in that the three skin colors are their own layers and that their buttons don't seem to have active logic checking - easy to toggle one on that is hidden beneath another color - easy to toggle all three off ;)

Great character design and cutouts - definitely good clipping masks on the tops and the bag edges.

Relaxing music :)

Yep. Those moos a good find! alexyquest42 "Human Cows" is  a hyperlink if you click around in the Credits :D

Thanks :D I made sprites for vertical and horizontal blades but, as it would've taken more time for me to also set up those sprites in the right positions, I didn't quite manage to expand the animation loop from two frames to three ;)

It's a giant golem made by a mad wizard who only gave it one personality setting ;)

Impressive amount of work. Great framing and pixel art. Good use of moving sprites.

Hey there. I'd like to use some font pack assets from such as Clover Sans by LemmaEOF and Fonts for GB Studio by Jeremy Oduber - giving proper attribution to them on the credits page - just wanted to make sure that font pack assets are safe to use?

I'm hoping that, where the text of the opening scrawl is concerned, the Jam's "Original assets only" rule mainly means that the words need to be original and that the font itself is fair game...

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Due to bad time management, I will not be submitting a finished project for this jam. However, I am entering at least one more jam with a project based on these prompts.  For the GB Studio Jam (Skittle Special #2) I will be entering an opening cutscene for "Angry Kaiju Rainbow" (stomp, stomp, stomp)

Three frame preview. Font: Clover Sans by LemmaEOF

Thanks for a neat jam! I will definitely keep tabs and hopefully use the full time allotted for the next round. :D

Hey there. I'm Warren (Stephen) Rose. This would be the first game jam I'm entering solo, as I usually run in teams of three or four. I'm a Computer Animation Game Design university student and I'm aiming for a computer science teaching gig, once I get my Master's.

I'm still shuffling around game concepts for this jam - although my current favorite is mining a rainbow... ;)

Thanks. Good to know :)

Can myself and my main artist make a GBoy cutscene based on an intro slideshow we've made as part of the game design document for a game we'd like to make? We'd be recreating each full-color medium-size frame from scratch in four-color small-size pixel format. Slideshow PDF here

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Good to know :) I'll probably be diving into the online sfx sound generating tools like sfxr and BeepBox...

Hey there. I'm aware the art needs to be original and created for this jam. May we use pre-made purchased sound effects and chiptunes that we have the appropriate license for? Thanks! :)

Oh, hey. Looks like there's a GBoy Studio 'opening game cutscene' animation jam going on from now until 6/14/21

GB Studio Jam (Skittle Special #2) hosted by Repugnant Bounty

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Trailer Credits: Nick (Vimlark) is the playtester in the headphones, streaming from his Twitch channel - - You can catch his game dev and art streams there and his projects on

There's a slightly remastered version complete with level select on coolmathgames

Yep, it's a remastered version with a level select and... I think new sfx?

Same, once. I was jumping south from a building and clipped through the north wall of the next building. I just ran around with my character hidden for a bit, until I clipped out again through the south wall and promptly drowned ;)

That sounds good.

Nice! Fun progression, although I became lost a bunch :D

Nice! Great style, thanks for recommending this podcast. It's basically a guy doing live improv during one of the breaks from their regular rpg campaign, while someone off-mic offers feedback and a listening ear.

They are cool

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If ya have made a bunch of art and writing and have run out of time to code, may submit an interactive proof of concept using Twine to show off what you do have?

Assuming I don't use any premade assets, can I brush off one of my old game designs and build my entry around the general concepts and patterns of interaction, or should I work from an original concept?