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Hey thanks! That's quite nice of you ! 

Hi everyone!

Today we release Prison Boss VR, our game in which your VR room turns into a jail cell! Craft and trade, customize your cell and become the Prison Boss!

It’s only the beginning, we consider the game as a full release but we are already thinking about a set of free updates that will be made in the coming months :

  • Oculus Rift support. Implement native support for Oculus.
  • More furniture and customization options for the cell. We want to allow players to make each game unique and fuel the diversity of tactics through more furniture options.
  • New Sandbox Mode. This free play mode would allow players to have all the possible crafting options to unlock in the same game and try to compete for a more long-term high score than the Arcade Mode.
  • Localization.

Find us on and steam

If you try the game or are interested in it, join us on the discussions threads!

- Vincent, Guillaume and Alexandre from Trebuchet

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The game is releasing today, we are making this thread to collect all issues you may have! There is also a thread on the Steam Community Hub!

Please give us as much info as you can about your issue so that we can look into it and resolve it!

Hope you have a good time in Prison Boss VR!

Alexandre from Trebuchet

Thanks for trying this game and leaving your feedback! The controls have a lot of room for fine tuning. Some people manage to run really fast, others cannot move for more than 2 meters. Part of that is because we check the controllers positions relatively to the helmet and not everyone stands in the same way. The game would need some user calibration.

We would certainly like to work again on this game, but as we're launching our first full game, we kind of left this one on the side for the moment.

Glad you made some gameplay footage on it! 

Hi everyone,

We would like to gather some feedback around this game if you have time to try it.

We tried to design an ArmSwinger-like locomotion system that allow players to run inside the store and it's a system we'd like to improve for use in future projects. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, we're here to talk with you!


Alexandre and the Trebuchet team