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THANKS! for your feedback.

Tough game but amazing!

simply AWESOME ! but it does get pretty boring once you unlock all of the creatures.

Great graphics, good idea but the movement is very slippery which can be very frustrating. But I thought it was a good game. 

A game that I find to be awesome with some minor flaws. I think that he progression of the game is a bit to fast but other than that it's a great game. 

Thank you for being honest. Also thank you for giving me tips on how I can improve.

A very clever top down shooter which I found to be very enjoyable. It can have more polish but I really enjoyed this game. 

fun game. I like the twist at the end where you have to fight the other player.

I like the game but Ithink music would make it even better.




cool game. but i think it would be better if the classes were a little more different.

Very good game. It kind of reminds me of a Vlambeer game.



awesome video

I can't wait to play this game when it releases 

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Thanks. and I think I will be interested to join the game development world championship.

I think you should term the jam game in to a official game. Because it's really fun.

really good game but can you add a conquest mode 

Really cool game. It's hard but rewarding.