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This has been fixed in v1.2.19, sorry for the wait.

I'll look into a solution for that, thanks for letting me know!

Are you using NVDA with the Autoclip plugin?

no, it's mouse only

Most of my older games used engines that aren't screen reader friendly, unfortunately. My future games will definitely have screen reader support if possible!

One of my free game jam games (The Evidence Room) is made in HTML, so a screen reader may already work there if you'd like to give it a try:

Glad I could!

The iOS version will unfortunately not have screen reader support as, to my knowledge, screen readers can't access the clipboard on iOS.

The itch version is always updated at the same time as the Steam version. The file size is different since the itch version uses a ZIP file while the Steam version does not.

Mods can be created without the Steam version. You just can't upload mods to the Steam Workshop on the non-Steam version.


Every DRM-free version of the game receives updates whenever the Steam version does!

A mobile version is planned to enter development once the game is out of Early Access!

Thanks! I do not plan on updating Loot Clicker at this time. The sprites were made by Oryx.