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Yes. Good.

A bit like a small essay intertwined with a story. Thoughtful and subtle.

Might've been interesting with a bit more to Ending 1, but I don't know the constraints of such a task :)

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Haha, thank you. :)

It's a heavily modified me. It was really hard on my voice. Had to lower my pitch irl, make it really raspy. Then I pitched it even further down digitally + bitcrusher effect.

Nice to finally play one of your games. I was really craving for that classic indie horror game vibe: Eerie drones, backwards pianos, premade models. Cricket-filled forest wandering in the dead of night. Loved it. 

The story feels like a compressed version of something big, in my opinion. Considering you're working alone (I presume) on this, it's totally understandable. Wish we "saw" a bit more of Vachi before the battle, to build tension.

The game has also a lot of unique quirks (in the best way possible): 

Shooting religious goats with crystals, an intro cutscene in the gamefolder (nice idea, btw), funny physics car driving  (go BGE!) and nude villagers. I do like those quiet villagers, actually. They didn't do much, but their silence added to the eerie vibe. (Also, why don't they have clothes on? Any reason storywise? xD) 

All in all, this was just what I needed. :) Nice, short and sort of nostalgic. I want to make a game like this in the future. It has its charm.

Probably 0.1.6, we just updated to 0.1.7, yay

Thanks for the comment. We haven't been able to replicate the bug just yet, but it's noted :)

Folder? The game's folder?

Also which version did you download? 0.1.5. or 0.1.6?

Good to hear, glad you liked it! :D
You'll get a full game at some point, it'll just take time.  We post devlogs every month, so you can follow progress there.
It's also our own engine, so bug fixing takes time and we don't always find everything. Feel free to report anything you encountered, if you have time :)

Good to hear! :)

Awesome! Thank you so much :D

Hello there! I stumbled upon the REHQ article on your gamejournalism site. We really apreciate it and were just wondering if you could insert a credit for Spottedphyre as well. They're the co-creator and main artist of the game, so it'd be nice to have their name in the article as well. :)

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for playing! It sounds like quite a buggy run, but glad you got through the game nonetheless!

Thanks for such a nice comment! We really put our energy into making a great upper floor. Glad to hear it was fun to explore!
(Also sorry, for the inconvenience caused by the pants  x)  )

I recommend this game. It's really good.

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That was a pretty great house. Nothing went wrong, I might just move in! The simulation felt really nice to play. Animations and subtle interaction sounds really make a difference in my house touring experience. Also cozy music! I'm a fan of the lower floor track.

The thinking-out-of-the-box puzzles were also so rewarding to solve (At least, I had a few Aha! moments x) Thanks for the tips, btw) 

The ending also made me think. I approve 👍

Lastly, Dom Brooks is cool. Nice [Redacted] vibes.

Thank you! That's all good to hear :)

Thanks for playing! Hopefully the it makes up for the lack of a bottom floor! xD

Thank you Niven! Glad we hit the nail on the head for you. 
Best of luck to you too with your future games!

👍👍 :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :)

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Oh my!!! :x
How does one figure such things out?! I love it!

That's awesome to see and hear!
x3 !!! Nice run!

Thanks for playing and the screen recording! We'll be studying the video closer (for player behaviour and more). This is really helpful :)

Glad to hear that! :)


Glad you enjoyed it! :D

If by beating you mean killing the giant toilet, then there's no way. 
It's not communicated that well, but the toilet is unbeatable. You just need to get the eye from the d*** and run away. :)

Awesome to hear! Thanks for following. That's a very wise choice ;)
We got plenty of stuff to tell and characters to explore.

Thank you for the nice showcase! I tried using the automatic translation on YT, which didn't give me much. It was still fun to hear the dialogue in Turkish! Amazing even! :D 

Glad to hear you're looking forward to future parts. It's going to be great! ;)

Thanks for playing! :D Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it.

"Amazing", huh... Very cool :-)

We are already working on Act 2. Follow the page if you want to know when it's out. 

Also, that's a nice thumbnail.

Wow! Thanks for playing and the feedback!
Your thoughts were quite interesting ;-)

The last puzzle piece requires a bit more to get to. If you ever want to finish the demo (you're very close), here's a hint:

- Mr. Plunger is a work-aholic. Mr. Plunger doesn't like a day off. -🚽

You might have to ruin someone's day a bit to progress. 

Thanks again. We've already started working on Act 2. It's going to be very cool!

I see... My deduction was correct! B-)
But yeah, sorry for the trouble and thanks again for playing! It's really apreciated

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Thanks for playing and recording! :-)

Judging by the gameplay video (and the sound playing in the video), it seems like you managed to open and run multiple games at the same time. Could you tell us how?

Update: Actually, I think I've managed to replicate what happened. Did you tab-out during gameplay? The game freezes when you do that in fullscreen mode. And apparently you can run multiple exe's of the game at the same time. That's why the audio was weird in the video.

Sorry about that, I've provided instructions on how to record the game properly on the gamepage. If you ever wish to re-record the game, feel free to do so. Thanks again!

It's not a game engine that can compete with the Unity or UE, but if you know the old blender already it's quite comfortable to work with. At some point I'll probably switch to something more reliable, but for now, I'm good with this option. It's good for prototyping and primitive-looking 3d games. :) Like this one:

Yay! A fellow BGE user! That's the engine I'm comfortable with, so I'll be using that as well. :)

Yeah, it's funny how this asset has a sort of character of its own. Sometimes a symbol of irony, sometimes just plain time-saver on the devs part. Now, what if this asset actually became a character...What would HQ_Resi tell us if it could talk? :O

Also, when you're referring to Blender, are you talking about it as the modelling software or the (now removed) game engine?  

Having this jam happening is wonderful! Thanks for this :-) (Extending my thanks to  Breogán and John, too)

Also glad that you decided to join this thread, I was a little worried about how far I could stretch my interpretation of the word 'essence'. It seems everything from physical layout, to the themes attached to this asset, are valid options.

Take your time with those last cloudy thoughts. :-)

Interesting. Your post actually sparked some ideas here:

Imagine a Sims-like. You're building your dream-home --> Some [unknown] outside force is slowly turning your creation into HQ_Resi (Maybe it's the HOA). You can either fight it, or become a part of THE COMMUNITY, losing your identity in the process. Dun-dun-dun!

Right-right, expectations are a big part of the identity of this asset!
Here's the tricky part: What if a player doesn't know HQ_Resi? It's probably not going to be a big issue in this niche jam, but if someone were to design a game around the expectation that the player knows the house (and that being the main appeal of the game), that would exclude a lot of players from enjoying, I think. At least, in a commercial sense.

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Hello to everyone,

I've been pondering about what other people think the essence of the HQ_Residential_House asset is.

Since this is a mostly a gamedev (& John Wolfe viewer) insiders joke, let's try and discuss this to broaden our view a bit and inspire those participating in the jam.

I'll start the thread off. 

For me HQ_Resi bears the charm of different conflicting ideas. The original layout from the asset creator vs the visions of the gamedev.

Example: Horror protagonist (single) lives in a big surburban family house by themselves. The furniture doesn't match the protagonist.
Example: The house is haunted by ancient spirits, despite the house looking modern and clean.
Example: Unused rooms. Soullessness...

So,  what do you feel is the essence of HQ_Residential_House?

Hope you'll join the discussion. :-)