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That was a pretty great house. Nothing went wrong, I might just move in! The simulation felt really nice to play. Animations and subtle interaction sounds really make a difference in my house touring experience. Also cozy music! I'm a fan of the lower floor track.

The thinking-out-of-the-box puzzles were also so rewarding to solve (At least, I had a few Aha! moments x) Thanks for the tips, btw) 

The ending also made me think. I approve 👍

Lastly, Dom Brooks is cool. Nice [Redacted] vibes.

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I'm surprised you prefer the lower floor track; I felt like it was a bit too busy and distant from the [Redacted] vibes and almost cut it (felt the need for variety was more important; I made each song in like an hour tbf lol). But nonetheless, thanks! 💜