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Today I would like to announce my new game Strazeal!
In the past 1.5 years I have been working in my free time on this solo project. This is the moment I have been looking forward to, finally releasing the game! It would be so cool if people would want to download and play it and to receive constructive feedback.

Strazeal is a digital strategy board game for 2 - 4 players featuring online multiplayer
Capture your opponent's bases while protecting all of your own using land, water and special weapons. 

More information on:

Thank you, Michiel

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Version 1.07

- Preparation for publishing on the Steam platform

Version 1.06

- Editor menu update
- Xbox controller support
- Font engine update

Version 1.05: Backwards compatibility update

Version 1.04 is available now!

It contains general fixes.

Version 1.02

- Fullscreen Mode added

- Disco background will now remain after moving from basic block
- Disco background color is now blended with background

Version 1.01 is available now!

It contains general fixes.