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thats a cool story bro

maybe i shouldve added owls, im sure you wouldve appreciated that

as for the challenge, if you play for long enough the birds will get really fast and really hard to hit

lets be real, suika is just the touhou version of kikuri anyways. except ones an oni and the others a bassist, i guess

i actually implemented a restart button in the pause menu for a potential post jam update, but never got around to finishing it.. hue

10/10 sound design

whether its the traps, the controls, yourself from the past or the wall collision, there truly is nothing in this game that cannot kill you

remind me to never give kaguya a copy of mario maker

cute and funny game, camera felt a little awkward and it wouldve been nice to have variable jump height tho

One must imagine Aya happy.

Thanks! As for doing the controls, the secret is to have played a lot of those types of games yourself so you know how they should feel, and also to have started and dropped so many platformer projects that hacking up a platformer controller code is something you can do in no time ;)

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holy shit touhou hijack

what the fuck

9/9 made me kek

you can restart by pressing r, at least in the newer version

did you play the outdated version?

i was pretty caught off guard by how reimus voice samples were clearly taken from japanese sentences, so i was wondering how weird it would have to be for  actual japanese speakers to listen to that. then aya came along and just straight up made crow noises.

hahaha i dont get it

wow letty really isnt good at this, i fell off like at least 12 different cliffs and still won by a long shot

the unfixed version is that hard because i had to create the stages in the last few hours, so i had little time to playtest them myself or let other people try them. i would definitely appreciate if you tried the fixed version

Yeaah, the difficulty is definitely way out of wack. I uploaded a patch that makes the game more forgiving to play so be sure to check that out



The small frogs spawn during the boss fight because we thought itd be funny. That's about it, lmao

..what exactly are you implying with that?

wow. this one does not look like it was made in just 3 days, thats for sure. very impressive.

what am i supposed to do here? im guessing i have to get back to the left while the water is raised but i cant seem to find any way to do that.

yeah, im not sure why the thing with the continue screen doesnt work. you should be able to just proceed by pressing z. one other person has encountered that issue but ive never been  able to replicate it myself and i dont know why it happens. maybe try redownloading the game or something??

loved the writing in this. makes me wonder whatll happen with renko and maribel in canon.

aw man, really wish this wouldve lasted longer. i love this lore kinda stuff.

i mean, in two player and vs cpu mode you can make rounds longer/shorter, from 1 to 9 minutes

no, the issue was that after i bought all upgrades except for the control rod i couldnt shoot anymore, even with a filled bar.

wouldve given 5 stars if i wasnt suddenly unable to shoot :(

Thank you!