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It depends. I haven't decided yet if I wait for one more scene to get finished or two more. Other than that the title screen is done for example. Either way it will at least take a month I imagine.

Yes. There is art missing after all.

A Palmon Trainer would look something like the image below. It is an old prototype as I did try to do a Palmon Trainer first, but it proved to be too ambitious for a first game, so it was postponed. I am rather proud of the leaf clothing. I feel it is very sexy. =3

I like the idea in and of itself, buuuuuuut this would mean a major overhaul of every scene in both writing and art. If someone wants to do it, the game code is open and can be freely used. It is just not something feasible for me. It would take away time and ressources I could put into other planned games.

I am glad you warmed up to him then. And yup. Rough around the edges, but then has a few heartfelt scenes as they are starting to get closer to one another. Character development so to say, to make both of them closer. I am proud of that. =3

That definitely is an improvement then. Thanks for showing me! =D

I personally don't like it. Not because I don't like the design, but because I need a side-by-side comparison to really compare it to the prior form. No offense meant, but if there is a difference it is preferable to have two images to really see what changed.

The MC is a bit rough around the edges, but the Bonding section is theoretically the "Good Guy" options in the game with them getting closer to each other. Here and there some lovey-dovey content too.

When Clawjob is first unlocked, you do cum outside two times, unlocking Blowjob. You cum outside again, which then triggers the Bodyjob scene in the main screen. ^^

Well, it will still take a while. There are a lot of scenes not yet illustrated, even if it is progressing by now. Overall though, it might still be at least a year, depending on how fast the art can be made. So, if you want to wait, you will have to be a bit patient.

Oh? I wasn't aware. Haven't played it in a while and back then Chapter 2 wasn't there yet...this makes me curious though. What was that gals original design? Devs, can you give a side to side with the original design?

Also, thanks centlaure for explaining it to me. =3

Hm...This design is indeed better as the original was a bit too bland, but is there a reason for her to be shorter? She looked like a tall woman and it is nice to have variety so to say.

Once the game is completed, I would look into it...probably should note that down on the page somewhere soon, seeing how often it is asked. xD

A second game is possible, albeit unlikely. I have a lot of game ideas after all and Gomamon Trainer seems to be a bit more niche seeing how there aren't that many people on my Patreon, so branching out makes more sense not only creatively, but financially too.

So, it is best to assume a second game is not happening for now and just enjoy what is there. If there was a second game, it would end up being bigger than the first as it would play during the human world/Myotismon phase with many people to interact with and lewd. A bit too challenging of an idea, even though I definitely see how attractive it would be.

I suppose having choices in which she is failing or at least slower to reach her goal and having some choices have an effect in future interactions, like the one with the seduction of the guard.

Visual Novel and text games are rather simple and easy to make. Not that it is a bad thing of course, but I think that also means it should offer something substantial because of it. The choices right now seem to have little effect overall, making it less interesting to play. Maybe having some small graphics could help enhance the playing experience too. Corruption of Champions did for example for characters.

This looks lovely. Reminds me I have to buy it one day. Just shying away a bit from the prize, so I will either wait for a sale or go for it when I have a bit more money in the pocket.

Either way, this looks like some fun and unique gameplay and I respect that creativity. =3

Sorry for the late response. Have the Good/Evil gauge rather full on either end. Full enough that there is the floating hearts/dick thought base picture seen. Then Naughty Talk until you have the outfit chat. That activates a switch. So, basically having talked about outfits AND having a gauge full enough to go through with it. ^^

That's good to know, thanks. Kinda disappointing that there is no gameplay. Definitely not something I would buy then as it is too barebones then.

The update 0.69 is out as can be seen up there on the image that says this is Version 0.69. Another update will take some time as it only has been a month since the last update, but I will keep everyone informed once I get there. ^^

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Homophobic? Misogynistic? I believe we have vastly different definitions of those words. The only thing that comes to mind is the MCs attitude of calling Gomamon a girl and having a more "no homo" attitude, but if that is what you are referring to, then I must strongly disagree.

It is a harmless joke as well as a part of his character. A character that grows as he comes to accept his feelings for Gomamon. Also...there are literally no women in this game, aside from a tiny snippet in an Ending. I have trouble seeing how any misogyny could be in there. You probably mean some chats where Gomamon talked about Mimi and co., but that was harmless chit chatting.

Either way, this game doesn't seem to work out for you and that is fine. My writing style might not be for everyone. I just find it peculiar that you call a gay game homophobic. Those terms shouldn't be thrown about willy nilly. It makes them meaningless which can cause actual homophobic comments to be handwaved away. And I got some myself from people that were offended that Gomamon was male, hence that this is a gay game.

It is something that will be done. It just will take a lot of time, just like the art is taking time. The game will be completed, no worries. ^^

I wasn't expecting you to be agreeing with me. I know, my assessment is harsh, though I am glad you are that open to it. Can't be easy to take such criticism and I am happy to hear you are working to make your game more representative of the images you have shown. Like I said, I would love for your game to be a nicely lewd great FNAF game, so I am cheering for you and your team there. ^^

I plan to look into it after the game is complete. Unsure if I have to fiddle around after all with each new version if I do Android now. I am not really experienced with it.

The images look great, but the actual game feels like it is not even close to what the images promise. I played both versions, but never ever get such boobjob scenes as in the images. The scenes I get are riding scenes that show literally nothing but boobs.

It is confusing too with the system not explained as well. Nile is also the only character I know how to handle as the other two sound about the same. "Wild Card" and "Sexually Aggressive" isn't a good descriptor that tells the player how they act.

The girls do move without the monitor flickering or doing anything to obstruct the movement. They just pop out of existence from one frame to the next.

Seemingly one gets points, but 58 points, while getting an item costs 500 seems rather meager for one night.

The character models look gorgeous and the animation is not bad either, so there is that. Heck, the game looks so good on the images, but it isn't representative of what it is. It goes so far that it does feel deceptive even, even if that is not the intention. I want to love it, but I can't with how it is currently. The fact I spend about 12 bucks on it just makes this worse as the game sadly isn't anywhere close to being worth that much. I honestly want my money back, but obviously will not receive it. I hope the game gets much better. For now this puts me off from buying anymore games here on for a long time.

Ah, thanks. It has been a while, so it is hard to really remember such things. xD

It is under the Harassment section. You need to unlock it by getting the red gauge bigger.

Secret Slave Slut Ending is very easy to achieve. Basically full "Evil" gauge and you get a choice after Digitamamon struggle-snuggled Gomamon. Huh, thought unlocking the punk outfit was also needed, but seemingly not as I just checked. So, that makes it even easier. I mean, the other one is a lot harder in comparison.

And here a short explanation I copied in from when I explained the Secret Lover Slut Ending to someone else:

"You need the three special scenes. Bodyjob first with Clawjob cumming outside twice and Blowjob cumming outside once. Second and third scene will require other things, like to always have saved him or tried to save him from Digimon. Not to mention a large blue good bar. The third scene requires you to not go through the third Firewall after having found it. If all other requirements are met the third scene triggers and after having all three you will get the ending you want. ^^"

Sorry, but this game is a little bit gay. I mean, Gomamon is a boyo, but he is cute as a girl, so is it really gay? Maybe half-gay. =3

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I second this. Giving Puppet a legit game purpose could be interesting. Her parts need to be expanded as there is little to her currently. The spying aspect in that one scene is interesting. Maybe voyeurism could be a part of her character as well? Also, would she ever find out that cum was used as lube? She did blow MC after all, so she could realize it is the same stuff afterwards. Perhaps she didn't notice it at first as it has been 10 years since she had sex, seeing how she was trapped. There is a chance she looks for MC and talks to him about it. Just to fill out the game more and make the place and its characters more interesting. It definitely would help if each of the animatronics had specific kinks too one could indulge in.

Also, now that I think about it, the pizza number quest is strange. Puppet has been trapped for 10 years and yet knows about night guards ordering pizza. Or maybe night guards ordered pizza 10 years ago, but then chances would be that the pizza place they used is out of business. Many things can happen in 10 years. That a number in in the dumpster is weird too. Why would the last night guard throw that number away? How is it still in the dumpster, seeing how the dumpster should get emptied regularly? It seems very contrived.

Now that I think about it, the pizzeria one works at it out of business too, so why are night guards hired for it? It would be a good thing to know about as I don't think it was explained in the intro. Is it currently not in use because of some circumstances and MC is only there to make sure no equipment is stolen? Is there a renovation planned that got delayed because of some circumstances? It is important that the story and lore is build.

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It is an alright game.

There are several typos, in the intro as well, that should be fixed. When getting the microphone, it skips the text with Freddina about needing the microphone. Then you get your scene from her at 6 AM, the time jumps to 7 AM which then breaks the game if you want to end the shift, as in you try to end the shift and are then transported to the puppet meeting scene every time you press that button. Then there is also the problem of triggering the sex scene with Foxy, before the beer quest. The beer quest surprises the player by revealing her to be a futa, but that surprise feels wrong then there has already been a sex scene.

The cleaning spray quest does not seem to run. Or at least it seems that buying the spray before getting it causes problems that makes it impossible to run. More uncertain if that really is an issue or if I am doing something wrong.

I am a bit confused why the outside pizzeria pixel art in the intro looks so detailed. It seems like a completely different pixel artist. No offense meant to the other art. I am not sure if you are doing the art yourself or if you have an artist, though I would recommend improving the art as that would be a bigger draw for your game then, as you have a lot of competition.

Another thing to touch up upon is the game itself. It is fairly simple with some choices here and there, but overall it might be too simple. The interactions aren't as interesting as they could be. Maybe having some impactful choices could help or maybe try having some events that bring interest. Hearing a noise in the guard room is interesting and sparks curiosity. Perhaps that could be utilized among other things.

Story wise, maybe having more clear relationships, rivalries and the like between the animatronics could be interesting. The aggressive Foxy definitely was the most interesting out of the characters, though she could use more of a thorough line. Like seeing her demeanor change from threatening to aggressive, to annoyed. Having her maybe warm up and become more playfully harsh.

Like I said, the writing feels a bit jumbled, so you would do well to think about the characters, their connections and how it develops. This could also lead to scenes with just two animatronics or even a threesome.

No sex, boo! xD

I heard it can work with JOIPLAY. Not versed in such things. A proper mobile version is something I will look into in the future after the game is complete.

I am just copy and pasting an old answer to someone that already asked this question. This should help you: ^^

Hm... Let me count. 2 Neutral Endings for the Lover and Slave Slut routes respectively, albeit those can be counted as one Ending. Then a Lover Slut Ending and a Slave Slut Ending. And then a Hidden Lover and Slave Slut Ending each. So 5 in total. Chances are you are missing the Hidden Lover Slut Ending.

Here a short explanation I copied in from when I explained it to someone else:

"You need the three special scenes. Bodyjob first with Clawjob cumming outside twice and Blowjob cumming outside once. Second and third scene will require other things, like to always have saved him or tried to save him from Digimon. Not to mention a large blue good bar. The third scene requires you to not go through the third Firewall after having found it. If all other requirements are met the third scene triggers and after having all three you will get the ending you want. ^^"

I am not doing any translations, but the game is open for translators or anyone else really that wants to play around with it. ^^

I heard JOIPLAY works. Seemingly not for everybody. There is no mobile version of this game yet. But I will look into it after I finished the game properly.

One is for the Slave Harassment section. The other two are for Explore. One Slave of that and another Lover.

Yup. Now let's go. Browser version wasn't working, so had to redo and upload it again. Enjoy. ^^

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I am intrigued, however I rather am hesitant before getting my wallet. A few more images about the Gameplay would be neat. Heck, maybe a video about the Gameplay (censored so it can be used for YouTube or any other site). Maybe an image where the three characters are seen better too as on the title image the characters are harder to make out.

Simply would like some more intel before I can make an informed decision.

I can't be certain either, but I am sure the game works as intended, as neither I nor anyone else has noticed such an issue. Bonding is the section you need. In Explore there are sometimes decisions that can fill up the Evil and Good bar. Being more nice and a tad less perverted to him in that area is the right option for the Good bar.

You can name what part/choice the problem is, if you have still trouble.