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Hi! That's something that would be decided on the publisher side.

We've discussed it with the publisher, but it's ultimately their call whether to make the rom available, so we don't have any news on that right now.

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We've mainly talked about physical and console. If you would like one, I would recommend e-mailing them to demonstrate that it is something consumers would like.

Unfortunately, that is not my decision to make, as they are the ones who can choose how to sell the game.

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Please reach out to Mega Cat Studios regarding sales of a ROM version. Due to my publishing deal, I cannot directly sell ROMs of the game on itch.

That would be handled by the publisher, Mega Cat Studios. See their page here:

I would check Mega Cat Studios' website - that would be their call as the publisher:


No it's a video game, not a game console :-P 

JK - it's coming April 5 published by 8 Bit Legit.

Oh that's good to know then about the page. The fragmenting boss is sadly a limitation of the version of the engine that Kudzu was built in - it's as stable as we can get it (if I try anything else it splits into left and right halves instead of front and back halves.) There weren't "big sprites" until later versions of GB Studio. Likewise, enemy positions reset because the pause menu is a separate scene (the only way to do it at this level) so you're reloading the scene every time. To keep all the enemies in their same positions with the tools I have would require A LOT of extra variables that Game Boy roms don't have. It's all this little stuff that I know folks expect because Link's Awakening and other commercial 90's games have, but they were dealing with different tools/capabilities (coding with highly efficient languages for speaking directly to GB hardware), and it goes to show you how much actually goes into these games!

Thanks for reaching out - we're looking into these. Both the QA folks at Mega Cat and myself have not seen these bugs appear in multiple playthroughs of the latest versions, so future editions of the game are looking good to go!

Thanks for reporting the bug. We looked and decided to leave it as a speedrun strat.

Mega Cat is fulfilling the Kickstarter preorders now and will be making physical editions widely available in January.

Hi! We're preparing that right now with 8 Bit Legit. Stay tuned!

Hi! I'm working with Mega Cat Studios to have it published in physical form.

Thanks for the info - that's a known bug and I'm going to work on it as I wrap up production in the next few weeks.

Please stay tuned to my publisher's website (Mega Cat Studios), as any digital versions will likely be done through them. They're also planning a Nintendo Switch version

Please stay tuned to my publisher's website (Mega Cat Studios), as any digital versions will likely be done through them. They're also planning a Nintendo Switch version

Hi there - that's not likely to happen since the game is being released through a publisher.

We have preorders up on Kickstarter right now ( ) and we're looking at the end of the year for general availability on the Mega Cat website.

Thanks for the comment! The ROM here is just a demo of the full game, which will be published by Mega Cat Studios later this year.

Hi - my publisher has asked that I take it down since we'll be offering the game as a physical release early next year.

Hi! We've gotten a publisher for the game and they've asked that I take the download link down (Mega Cat Studios - they'll be releasing the game as a physical GB cartridge). However, I've worked it out so that folks who bought the game here will get an updated ROM for free when the game is released. I'll make sure to e-mail everyone when that's ready.

Hi there! I'm working on the beta version of the full game now (which is going to get a physical release) and have done some tweaks to collision and i-frames so this should hopefully be less of an issue. With the tools I have, it's impossible to edit the hitboxes themselves, but with the workarounds I've added, the new version plays smoother (I'll likely update the demo soon too once the full thing goes into beta.)

Thank you for the very nice comments and feedback! I'm going to do what I can within what the engine (GB Studio) allows, but those are some things that I've seen in other playtests and will try to take a look.

The current ROM is not the final version.

looks awesome!!!

Hi! The demo is on the website and playable in browser. I don't have anything to announce at the moment regarding physical copies but it is something we are pursuing. We'll announce on Twitter and Itch if plans for a physical edition crystalize.

Fixed! Thanks for the heads up.

Really gorgeous. Looking forward to diving in!

I will after I clean some things up and add some stuff. It got into MAGFest so that should be happening in the next few weeks so that the demo is con-ready :-)


It's really effective. I like how the game sends me off on a quest and it puts me in the right place to see a bit of story. Kind of subverts my expectation of quest - story - quest - story.

Really nice. I like how you used quests and story events with one another so that something happens as you look around. Really cool!

I've been asked to publish a guide for GB Studio Central, so keep an eye out for that!

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Oops - that was a typo. The Shift key stands in for the Select button when playing on a keyboard.I edited that section of the description so it's correct now.

Thanks for the feedback! There are 2 save tents where you can save your progress. I'll make sure they show up on the map in future versions of the demo though (the map was a very late addition before a deadline so it's very basic right now.) 

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah - I'm still working with the "disable collision" scripting function on the player character to sort out how to do better invincibility frames, but that's absolutely on the list (along with making the snakes not turn into pinballs when hit...)