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не грусти, в следующей купишь 😂 спасибо)

баги, за такой срок отловить все а тем более пофиксить их - сложно. Раз удивили значит не зря сидели до 4 утра последнего дня)) спасибо)

точно, про воду то мы забыли. Спасибо за отзыв)

Мне только на них денег и хватает;) художника/моделера бы, но пока увы...

during the earthquake, you are stuck on the upper floors of a multi-storey building, you will not go down to the bottom, everything collapsed there. You need to get to the roof so that the rescuers can pick you up from there by helicopter!

Интересная история, немного не хватило описательной части персонажей, и возник небольшой диссонанс от необратимости некоторых событий. В целом весьма достойно!

Vav! It's just incredible!

Tell me, is the app version planned for oculus quest?

roll and kill

hi guys, I released an alpha build of arcade pokatushki on an armored car, with the control of ALL ONE UNOPA!  You can see and criticize on my project page a game called roll and kill

Thank you) I will definitely add when I redo the sound controller

My is new game)

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and these three “terrible” days ended) For me, this jam was the first experience of such a rapid development) A lot of experience was entrusted, a few important conclusions were drawn) I’ll definitely give it to the next jam again) To all participants - success, self-realization and creative inspiration)

but in the end it turned out to be fashionable to play here)

In order to play the project directly in the browser, you need to make the export from unity3d into webGL, then pack it into a zip archive and add it to the site through the project adding form. The main thing that in the archive of the exported project was the file index.html.

i work up this)))

Yes, i  think  tutorial controll need change) Thanks your review)

 thanks for the advice))

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I'm here to finish the game)
Please evaluate and comment on)!