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An amazing supplement that reimagines ttrpg boss battles in one of the coolest ways i've ever seen! Great stuff!

Heya thanks so much :)) Super happy to read this!!

Heya, thanks for the comment!

The PC may gain an Insight at any time during a game session, up to their Player's choice (max. once per session). 

The rules recommend this to happen during a critical or important moment, but that's just a suggestion.

Cheers! :)

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Thank you so much!

An Insight is basically a story revelation about why your character knows a certain Skill or Blood Spell.

The idea is that the Vampire learns or remembers something that grants them access this advantage. It's like an epiphany that comes through the confused and bloodthirsty space of mind associated with vampirehood in this universe

For example: 

  • a player decides their vampire should know how to deceive a vampire hunter in a tense situation
  • they write down the Skill "Deception" 
  • now they must write down an Insight, which is just a matter of answering any question that justifies them having said Skill, such as:

               -question: Who turned you?

              -answer: The Master of a vampire manor full of intrigue and subterfuge

And that's how it works, basically.

It gives you a mechanical advantage and a story bit that can be used later in the game for whatever purpose :)

Cheers! And thank you for your question o/

Thank you so much! Super happy to read that :D

Hi, thank you so much! It's an honor!

I would LOVE to see your game and i can't wait for it

V&C is under no specific license as of yet, but i will soon put it under CC BY 0.4, which is basically the orientations i give people normally when they ask

Just credit the author and we're good haha!

Thank you so much, glad you liked them!! Kaidou from Saiki Kusuo was a major inspiration for this one (great comedy anime btw)

Hello dimofamo, thank you so much!

That sounds super cool, i really like the idea.

Where can we talk about this in detail? E-mail? maybe Twitter?

Thank you!! Glad you liked it :) No problem at all

Thanks so much for your kind words :)))

You're actually right, my mistake haha! Thanks so much!!

Thanks!! I read Robots & Ruins and loved it! SO COOL

Oh, thanks!!!

No problem! :)

We  truly need all the help we can get. 

With more creators on board the chances of achieving our goal of helping Tiago and his family are enlarged by a huge margin in this dire times. PLEASE consider allowing more people join in for a good cause.

Thank you!! Of course! Really curious to see your adaptation

Yeah, i've been eyeing Sledghemmer for a while now and i'll certainly get it after reading Brighthammer. Love the corner doodads, Feral Indie Studio's stuff is absolutely gorgeous! 

Can't wait to see more of Brighthammer. So cool!

What a beautiful little game!! Super cool layout and super easy to play!!

Thanks Walter! So so glad you liked it! Been tweaking with this little system for a while now haha!

Thank you so much Filipe!!! Glad you liked it!! <3

Thank you so much for your kind words!!

Thanks!! I'm just so happy those two great artists helped out with those!

Mínimo is deliciously... well... minimalistic. AND THAT'S WONDERFUL!!! Character creation is easy and flavourful, with good and bad characteristics, which gives a strong direction for both roleplaying and problem solving.  Resolution feels intuitive and, once more, characteristics give an edge as a factor to untie rolls. Everything seems easy flowing with the narrative, and this system will not bog you down.

Also, bonus points for Fudge dice, which i have hanging around but never got much use. And bonus points for the pocket mod format (i actually don't have a printer rn, but i can see the potencial for fun assembling this).


Hello Airon!! I'm so glad you got your copy! I hope you have tons of fun blasting Titans away! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!

Oh yeahh!!! Living the bug's life!

I'm simply amazed! I feel like i know the academy, but at the same time i don't! It's like i'm a researcher or student who has barely scratched the surface of the eldritch nature of Nekrovon and, for me, that's the perfect vibe. It gives me a lot to think and implicit themes that keep my mind going at full speed. Everything screams mystery and wonder, from the charater options, to the Antagonists, to Touchstones, random encounters and Relics. What an absolute blast!!!

This game is such a wonder to read! Language is short and concise, but gives me so much to think. It evokes mystery, strangeness and a muddy picture with gaps for me to fill, and i love that! The rules help a lot to convey the uncertainty and desperation from being isolated in an alien environment and that's mostly what i want from a game with a setting like this. I'm really excited to try this one out!

The tone on Project Galileo is just horrifying! I felt so isolated imagining myself as a mars explorer descending into the inky darkness below. The rings are creepy; not in a gore, cliché fashion, but eerie and ancient. Don't get me wrong, there is space for gore, if that's your thing, but it gets just as gory YOU wish. This just makes me feel sad, lonely and scared, and that's what i like to feel playing Trophy ! 

Oh dang, i'm excited to play this one!

It has awesome character traits to customize your granny, plenty of opportunity to get AWKWARD (probably other guests being freaked out by your nasty grandma) and general wedding party fun!! What's not to like it?

Simple and super flavourful system. And don't even get me started on that bingo sheet and mechanics...!

I really want to be an inconvenient granny now!

A sort of light hearted yet high stakes type of narrative, i love how the game states it's about weird, not horror. I feel we get too much horror already, and this is a great switch of mentality for this type of exploration/investigation game! 

The system is super intuitive and easy and brings cool mechanics to the table, such as the escalation of the Odd, which modifies a good portion of the game, escalating the weirdness to a whole new level.

And finally, i LOVE that this game has a pleyer's advice section. I feel like we don't get enough of this. It helps set expectations and avoid "videogame-y" behaviors that some people carry over from digital games into ttrpg. This helps to create a more cohesive and immersive experience for the table as a whole.

I love it 5/5

I absolutely hope everyone dies! Thank you so much!