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I'm simply amazed! I feel like i know the academy, but at the same time i don't! It's like i'm a researcher or student who has barely scratched the surface of the eldritch nature of Nekrovon and, for me, that's the perfect vibe. It gives me a lot to think and implicit themes that keep my mind going at full speed. Everything screams mystery and wonder, from the charater options, to the Antagonists, to Touchstones, random encounters and Relics. What an absolute blast!!!


Thank you so much for the review, TorTheVic! I'm really glad you liked Nekrovon! 
I want it to have the same feeling of Bastion, in the sense that it can be whatever you need it to be, to explore the mysteries you want to solve. You can throw whichever supernatural, horror, paranormal themes there and it will "make sense" because the Academy studies them all.