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Walter Licínio

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Incredibly amazing!

I'm a brazilian TTRPG writer and artist, you can check my games here:

This opportunity is amazing. Gonna definitely write something for the jam!

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Amazing presentation, incredible aesthetics and a very, very solid game mechanics for all things Cyberpunk.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
Da Vinci

Fantastic. Absolutely sophisticated design.

Awesome guidelines for creating a WSCA game! 

Awesome game, with very streamlined (not) rules! A great FKR addition to your table!

Great game with an awesome FKR feel to it!

Amazing idea and execution, will definitely GM using this with my playgroup!

Thank you for the review, Tito! I'm really happy you liked it this setting. If you ever narrate or play this, tell me how it went! 

Had never heard about Zocchi dice before. This looks freaking awesome.

Hollow Knight meets Attack on Titan / Shadow of the Colossus!

This game is absolutely amazing. Who doesn't want to shoot down Marble Titans to regain glory and fortune as a beetle?

How do you manage to write so many good RPGs in so little time, man?
Come on, teach me! 

Thank you so much for the review, TorTheVic! I'm really glad you liked Nekrovon! 
I want it to have the same feeling of Bastion, in the sense that it can be whatever you need it to be, to explore the mysteries you want to solve. You can throw whichever supernatural, horror, paranormal themes there and it will "make sense" because the Academy studies them all. 

Thank you! We've actually just discovered this world of online jams, and we slowly and surely will create more stuff to put online. We absolutely love roleplaying games and the community is incredibly welcoming, we're glad to be a part of it.

Amazing game, really concise and well written.

Really glad that you liked it! 
This being our first product ever, we've put a lot of effort into making something we wanted to play. 
Reading that other people like the visuals and content makes us extremely glad of the hours put into it!
Thank you so much! 
PS: You're the creator of Micro Blades?! That's freaking awesome!!