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Yep, sure. Will add a link to the game description for further requests. You all will get one in the following days as Oculus aprove them.

There is some free-2-play rip-off of your game goin on:

Juegazo, se nota que hay pros detrás :)

Thanks! What would change in the balance?

Really nice looking and cool music. It's a bit hard, but then notice afterwards the warning :D

Absolutely :D

Simple and clever idea, very well presented and (as any slot machine) addictive. Great job!

Thanks! Really appreciate! Ben is a great artist and that does a lot of the work to make it shine :)

What to say, good name pick :D

Agree, and it even feels like a rip off of one of the Highlighted games on past year's GMTKJam:

Super great art style and fun idea, but incredibly hard, I need to separate my brain in 2 to make this work.

Nice rhythm game! Super cool look :3

This was hilarious to play :D

Very polished finishing of the game, really impressive for the time you had.

I love it, simple and fun to play, great aesthetic and music :)