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Really great idea, love it. I wanted to mess with the controls from start and put all upside down, but had to follow to tutorial :(
Other than that, this is great. Also nice music and sound choice!

I am glad you did :)
Did you find out about the problems the robots are having with cats on Mars?

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Do you really want me to break the magic? :)
Yes, it relates to what you write.

The simulation works as follows:
There are a series of pools of sentences and questions (12) sorted by topic or "mood".
There is a mood selector and a set and sorting of those pools is created (4 of them)
There is a mood score, that varies based on your previous answer (if it found a match to your answer in the pool or not).
For each answer, it goes through the current text pools available in the mood selector and gives them a score based on the words given by you, and if there is some coincidence. There is also a "topic" control variable, which gives more weight to the sentences that contain the longest word contained in the previous prompt is displayed, to help simulate continuity.

The answer that scores the highest from those pools gets picked. If the answer is not a question, it picks a random question as a follow-up.

It also can detect certain rude words.

If no sentence from the pool scores, there is a series of fall-back checks triggered to save the situation, and if none is found it comes with the "insufficient cooperation" answer.

Thanks, I didn't know either what exactly I was doing and the result. And is not extensively tested. I really wonder how is the experience for others :D, since depends on how each writes and what.

Yep, sure. Will add a link to the game description for further requests. You all will get one in the following days as Oculus aprove them.

There is some free-2-play rip-off of your game goin on:

Juegazo, se nota que hay pros detrás :)

Thanks! What would change in the balance?

Really nice looking and cool music. It's a bit hard, but then notice afterwards the warning :D

Absolutely :D

Simple and clever idea, very well presented and (as any slot machine) addictive. Great job!

Thanks! Really appreciate! Ben is a great artist and that does a lot of the work to make it shine :)

What to say, good name pick :D

Agree, and it even feels like a rip off of one of the Highlighted games on past year's GMTKJam:

Super great art style and fun idea, but incredibly hard, I need to separate my brain in 2 to make this work.

Nice rhythm game! Super cool look :3

This was hilarious to play :D

Very polished finishing of the game, really impressive for the time you had.

I love it, simple and fun to play, great aesthetic and music :)