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Thank you and congratulations on your accomplishment !

thanks for working on this valuable resource and keeping it up to date!

thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hi, thanks for letting me know! for HTML games, it's frequently because your browser does not allow cookies. I've posted a downloadable version that should get around the problem :)

Thank you for the invite! I'll have to check in with my collaborators but I would generally love to!

This was so fun! I loved it! The timeline mechanic is such an interesting way to go through and solve the mystery--it goes so well with the storytelling. I also really loved the ending cutscene! Lovely work <3

Thanks for giving it a go!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

thank you!!

thank you so much! i'm glad you felt immersed

A cool little game with a fun premise! My only wish is that it could be fullscreened so that there would be fewer jump transitions when it moves to another screen. They're kind of jarring sometimes.

Thank you very much <3

Thank you for playing! I'm grateful that it met you where you needed 🌸

I'm glad you like it!! Thank you for the inspiration <3

This is awesome! I love the style and puzzles. The cute little "bummer" when you die made me laugh as well.

Thank you for letting me know! I fixed it so that the mobile version has the appropriate color text box now!

wow! what a lovely surprise to have a sequel after so many years. the original story connected with me a lot and I love how this one has matured and deepened. amazing stuff!! and I can't believe I almost missed the after-credits scene!!

Hell yeah can't wait to read more!!

Escape the Bullpen is a queer indie platformer game about living in a reproductive dystopia. Because we definitely don't live in one already.

Play as Jack, a pregnant trans man in a world where most people are infertile. Except he doesn't want to have a baby, and the only person who can help him has been kidnapped. Can you free her and get an abortion?

this was really great! I love the self reflective direction both here and in the comic I think it really adds to the work <3 can't wait to see the rest!

Hello! Did you have an idea in particular you wanted to make? I do primarily traditional/digital art hybrids but have also done some pixel animation. You can check out the game I just made, Ha3oud, here

thank you!!

hello! I really like the game and the art but I keep having the art on the sides and any dialogue that gets too close to the edge be cut off ... is there a way to run a windowed mode or adjust the aspect ratio??