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Hey Gunnar, thanks for playing the prototype for our Game Jam 136 submission. If anyone is seeing this comment, the game has been updated to the full version with way less annoying bugs you can see in this video! We had a few hiccups that prevented us from working on the game a week after release and I also happened to bite a little more than I could chew on the programming aspect but I'm glad we finished it. I was happy to receive feedback on the controls and the collision boxes from this video so I changed them to something a bit more manageable, so it's easier to control by a single player but still playable by two.

excellent game, gave me an existential crisis

Very unique, loved the overall atmosphere. I was unsure of what to do until I eventually got hit by a car. I have a spot in my heart for old Tony Hawk games and I'm a punk when it comes to horror games so this is a great way to get me into the genre lol. Well done everyone

Always excited to watch you play our games and it makes us better every time! Thanks a million!

Hey I played your game , very interesting idea! You should definitely consider expanding on it more, it's an infinite runner with choices. That's a unique concept

Thanks for playing filod ! I also made a game for Global game jam if you want to check it out :)

Thanks for playing I had such a fun time making it. I've never made a game like this before so it's definitely very easy . These projects are a good way for my friend and I to work together , looking forward to making more!! Thanks again

The color palette is really nice, funny animations and smooth relaxing gameplay :) Nice job, you're a great artist

Those particles!!! The platforms were really fun and well thought out, it has a nice style to it and the movement was solid. It was enjoyable, nice job

This game was incredibly mysterious and atmospheric. I had no idea what to do from the start and I loved that about it, I found a crystal maze nearby and made my way to the center. It was so intriguing, I needed to know why I was there and what was going on, and who was that other dead astronaut?! The atmosphere was very alluring and immersive and the music choice was pleasant . I really liked the animations as well. Great job

Really fun to move and jump around, it's got this sliding Mario feeling

I love games like this, not sure if it's webgl or the game but the platforms aren't solid :( It was still really fun to bounce around

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The game has a great style! I particularly enjoyed the walls fading into music notes and the notes coming from the headphones. The music choice was excellent but classic choices did make for the "rhythms" to be far more complicated. The game could cause some confusion when the ninja is jumping by themselves from wall to wall, it makes you feel as though you're pressing a key that you are not trying to press. I gave it some thought and was wondering what it would be like with long strips of wall with several keys and reversing the input? Therefore it would be right, right, right, left, right ... and you can make the wall jumps every 4th or 8th notes. IDK, just a suggestion. Really enjoyed it, cheers and great job to the both of you

Edit: Also really liked the QOL choices, saving accuracy ratings, the menu scene, the shifts between rooms. Nice!!!

Really difficult, a great use of the theme and I really enjoyed the atmosphere

I see ! I'm using Game Maker 2 and it seems there's a tool for it with this engine too. I'll start looking into it, really need to up my UI game haha. Thanks for the info

The UI was especially impressive to me, smooth and transitioned very well . Something I would like to make lol gjgj

Very nice! That was fun, spent a good 20 min just bouncing around... Lol

I'm really impressed with your UI elements and the flow of the game. The pacing of difficulty was really a fun ride. After I figured out you can move with the mouse cursor it became very easy and relaxing. The game felt very polished, it felt so good to play. Great work

I hadn't said it before but I think this game is absolute genius.

I see, thank you for your feedback Valia. In order to get the option to sell or eat stock, you have to select an animal and then press the Buy menu. I appreciate your kind words, I aspire to work hard like everyone else here :) Thanks again!

Hahah use mouse cursor to make them go away!!! Thank you for playing :)

Thank you celira it was fun trying to achieve that balance!

Thank you Alligrater !! :)

Hey thoof thanks so much for playing, loved your game. You're right selling is sorta frustrating because of the GUI, I'm still learning programming and had some problems with those buttons. The game is untested so its unbalanced really, its funny to think players will end up with 200 to 300 chickens since chicks do cost 1$ LOL...

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Hah, it is a silly farm game but I like to think of it as an award itself to my grandpa and his awesome music. He lives on and everyone can hear it. Thanks so much for playing! I had the most difficulty with the UI which is why only one animal can be sold at a time :)

The game does a great job with obscuring the goal, all of the over-the-topness of it all really had me searching for a way out. Nice :)

I was surprised to see the injured sprite. Totally face palmed on the first level when I killed no one and the game reminded me what the point was LOL

Very funny title :)

This was a really interesting game, I'm always fascinated by fun movement systems and this does have that going for it. It feels nice to move faster on creep that you've spread like the Zerg in Starcraft.

Something very unsettling about being in a tight unfinished high rise, this was very creepy and I didn't expect it to be. Good job with the atmosphere :)

Nice, reminds me of the blood stains in Dark Souls lol

Fun physics and cool concept! The 3d models are really nice and the game is very chill, nice job :)

That was fun, had some megaman vibes come my way. Changing attacks based on death was very interesting

This was amazing, really fun and just feels great to put everything together. The small grid to build the vehicle is genius. If you had something like this for flying vehicles it would be great too. Awesome job :)

Relaxing, has a fidget spinner feel to it.

Really reminded me of the TF jump maps, very fun.

Great atmosphere :)

Great gfx! The lighting and all of the art is very nice. Realm of the mad god feel, nice job :)

This was really relaxing, the music choice was great to plant with and seeing the screen bloom with flowers at the end was cute. You can also destroy the walls bordered around the screen, heh. Nice :)

Really reminds me of those skill based jump maps on Team Fortress, something about an empty sky box is so creepy to fall into. Nice job :)