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very fun!

Something like this would be a dream game to make! You are a very talented individual, this is probably one of my most enjoyable experiences here on Itch. Good job!

That was very cool, solid top down shooter! I resisted the boogie for nearly 160 seconds. I really enjoyed the music while playing, wasn't overbearing at all. I liked that you used the casting animations to make the wizard dance at the end and the purple clicker is a good touch too! As per your last game, the menu is very clean and efficient. Awesome!!! Great job dev!

Great job Hat! The perspective is very unique and the gameplay is relaxing as it is challenging.

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Hey Gunnar, thanks for playing the prototype for our Game Jam 136 submission. If anyone is seeing this comment, the game has been updated to the full version with way less annoying bugs you can see in this video! We had a few hiccups that prevented us from working on the game a week after release and I also happened to bite a little more than I could chew on the programming aspect but I'm glad we finished it. I was happy to receive feedback on the controls and the collision boxes from this video so I changed them to something a bit more manageable, so it's easier to control by a single player but still playable by two.

excellent game, gave me an existential crisis

Very unique, loved the overall atmosphere. I was unsure of what to do until I eventually got hit by a car. I have a spot in my heart for old Tony Hawk games and I'm a punk when it comes to horror games so this is a great way to get me into the genre lol. Well done everyone

Always excited to watch you play our games and it makes us better every time! Thanks a million!

Hey I played your game , very interesting idea! You should definitely consider expanding on it more, it's an infinite runner with choices. That's a unique concept

Thanks for playing filod ! I also made a game for Global game jam if you want to check it out :)

Thanks for playing I had such a fun time making it. I've never made a game like this before so it's definitely very easy . These projects are a good way for my friend and I to work together , looking forward to making more!! Thanks again

The color palette is really nice, funny animations and smooth relaxing gameplay :) Nice job, you're a great artist

I hadn't said it before but I think this game is absolute genius.

I see, thank you for your feedback Valia. In order to get the option to sell or eat stock, you have to select an animal and then press the Buy menu. I appreciate your kind words, I aspire to work hard like everyone else here :) Thanks again!

Thank you celira it was fun trying to achieve that balance!

Hey thoof thanks so much for playing, loved your game. You're right selling is sorta frustrating because of the GUI, I'm still learning programming and had some problems with those buttons. The game is untested so its unbalanced really, its funny to think players will end up with 200 to 300 chickens since chicks do cost 1$ LOL...