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You lift the rock by pressing "E". The crystal creates a memory recording of your actions that will act in the world for a certain amount of time. You can use this to overcome obstacles.

You have to use the memory recording to help you + you can lift rocks

What part didn't you understand?:)

Thank you!
You are right, there is no end :) 

Yeah, it kind of looks disturbing haha, I was having south park animations in mind, when I did that

Loved the visuals! I also always ended up with the same signal rythm that's maybe something you could improve. But really loved the art, set up and controlls.

I got stuck behind the TV after some time. Unfortunately I did not understand what I was supposed to do. I really like the art though

Thank you very much for your feedback! And thanks for reporting that bug :)

It all looks very nice and I was excited to play, unfortunately I could not jump. The standard "w" and "space" did not work. Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong?