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Cute game! I particularly enjoyed the levitation power-up and the fast pace stone crumbling section. I am a big fan of Mr. Gauntlet, overall the spritework is very charming.

okay stinky

do you guys take late submissions for totally awesome games

I came across this game while looking for examples of Phaser games for my class. I enjoyed the writing and overall daily life vibe a lot! I really appreciate the way subtle, often overlooked situations are handled and addressed in the story. I found the perspective to be very insightful as someone who has been lucky enough to never go through many of these situations as well. Thank you for posting this game, it was really wonderful!

A compelling and haunting game. Very atmospheric with a perfect art style for its tone. The mysterious narrative and characters kept me very invested all the way to the very clever conclusion. Great experience!

Amazing use of Twine, pushing the engine far beyond its limits. The story is incredibly well-crafted and immersive. Overall a wonderful experience.