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OVERDRIVE community · Created a new topic work in progress

i played through all levels and then it bugged out on the pillars level right towards the end. it went to the loading game screen and i had to turn the vive off. very fun! its alot like super hot! i cant seem to get touch pad movement to work...any ideas? teleport is not my style (:

So I played the new update with the faster zombies. With the current moving system, I think the zombies now move a little too fast LOL it is quite the work out to try to stay in front of them. Don't get me wrong, I love the challenge! But for a long time gameplay maybe think about adding trackpad locomotion

best wave shooter made!!!

really had fun!

wish there was more :(

you made me LOL with these gifs.

thank you for the reply!

-when it comes to traps, don't have it kill the player, but let it damage the player. maybe like a quarter health reduction if you run into your own traps.

-walking through the house windows. i was able to walk through the building windows within the map just fyi.

-i like your idea of pass through damage. but have you thought of having all bullets go through more zombies but only cause half damage to other zombies?

-when the zombies die they kinda freeze for a few seconds and i always question if they are dead and end up wasting ammo on them.

-health packs? what are your ideas for acquiring health?

- what about gun upgrades? it was taking almost 4 SMG mags to kill one zombie on the higher levels lol that's part of the reason i chose to die.

- different ammo? higher damage ammo that costs ALOT of money that you have to grind for! i could kill zombies all day if i had a reason or a goal to work towards :)

i know i am bringing up alot of fixes and improvements... but this game has potential and i want to see it turn into something great!

Please feel free to bounce any future ideas off me. i will give you honest advice.

and don't get me wrong, i am no game developer! i'm just a guy who loves to play them!! :)

Keep up the amazing work!!!!!!

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Ok, i played this for the first time for probably 2+ hours. i must say i like it a lot!! i was a huge fan of COD zombies back when they didn't jump around. i liked COD (call of duty) zombies when you could lead them around, collect them into a big group, and blow them to shreds like in Black Ops 1 !!

this game is the closest to that and i love it!

i did not find money to be an issue, i ended up getting eaten on round 36 where i had 544 zombies killed, 12,234 rounds shot (also killed hundreds with grenades in the higher rounds) and well over 100,000 money. i would go to the ammo stations and buy a dozen of everything so i could just run by and pick them up in a hurry.


-you can group up the zombies and blow them all up with grenades or shoot the crap out of them!

-money is not an issue

-guns are easy to use (reload, fire ect.)

-i really enjoy the movement system! please please PLEASE do not remove this! add other options yes, but leave this as one of the options!

-you can blow up barrels and propane tanks and cause damage to zombies.

-a couple weapons pistol, tommy gun. (its not called that, but it pretty must is :)

-you can throw grenades and has the best grenade mechanics in any game!

-graphics are simple and can run on most pcs.(even with 544 dead zombies on the ground it still ran perfectly!)

-love love love the storage system!

-i'm sure there are more but i'm tired and i need to do improvements still :)


-more verity of zombies (bigger ones, smaller ones, faster ones, slower ones)

-more guns (i know more are coming in the full release :)

-more maps. again, i'm sure there will be more in the full release. i would like to see where you can go into bigger buildings and go up and down stairs.

-traps. just youtube any COD zombie game for ideas.

-have zombies make noise. not annoying noises though. i can see myself putting hours and hours into this game and i don't want to get headaches. again look up COD vids for this.

-have different areas of the map cost money to get to that have better guns.

-put in different difficulty levels. (current one should be easy. the only reason i died is because i was getting bored lol )

-move the clips to your shoulder for reloading. it throws me off when i feel it vibrate but i actually don't get a mag. the vibrate feeling is the holster not the clip. they are to close together. moving your hands to your shoulder feels cool. try it :)

-move the storage bubbles from top to bottom and put them side to side. its hard to see whats in the bottom one when something is in the top one.

-bigger hit box for the weapon storage. i keep dropping my guns :(

-different damage points on the zombies. head shots double damage, chest normal, legs and arms half damage.

-X2 money to head kill shots.

-kill drops from zombies. health packs, double points, inst kills, nukes ect. again, look at COD zombies!

-have bullets go through multiple zombies.

- propane tanks fly out of the map most times when you shoot them.

there are others i'm sure, but like i said i am tired lol PLEASE keep developing this game i will pay money for a full release. at least $15!

i'll be editing this as i think of more items.

i will spread the word about this demo as well!

very fun on the htc vive! i would pay money for a game like this! i would really like to see more things to fly through but the cube is great! please please please continue to develope this game!