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thank you for the reply!

-when it comes to traps, don't have it kill the player, but let it damage the player. maybe like a quarter health reduction if you run into your own traps.

-walking through the house windows. i was able to walk through the building windows within the map just fyi.

-i like your idea of pass through damage. but have you thought of having all bullets go through more zombies but only cause half damage to other zombies?

-when the zombies die they kinda freeze for a few seconds and i always question if they are dead and end up wasting ammo on them.

-health packs? what are your ideas for acquiring health?

- what about gun upgrades? it was taking almost 4 SMG mags to kill one zombie on the higher levels lol that's part of the reason i chose to die.

- different ammo? higher damage ammo that costs ALOT of money that you have to grind for! i could kill zombies all day if i had a reason or a goal to work towards :)

i know i am bringing up alot of fixes and improvements... but this game has potential and i want to see it turn into something great!

Please feel free to bounce any future ideas off me. i will give you honest advice.

and don't get me wrong, i am no game developer! i'm just a guy who loves to play them!! :)

Keep up the amazing work!!!!!!