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Project Survive

A gun Crazy shooter with 16 Weapons to buy and gain with Blood thirsty enemies · By Ddewy

Upcoming Features for Full Release Sticky

A topic by Ddewy created Jan 03, 2017 Views: 417 Replies: 4
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Developer (2 edits)

20+ Weapons
Recoil for Guns
Better Enemy animations

Any Features that you would like to see, feel free to request them as a reply to this thread.

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Will do, or at least some other alternative if the player runs out of ammo.

That is a major problem with the prototype currently.

With Weapons such as a knife or baseball bat, I was thinking of the weapon doing damage based on velocity of the swing, or needs a minimum amount of velocity. That should counter the problem of players just waggeling a melel weapon into enemies.

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Ok, i played this for the first time for probably 2+ hours. i must say i like it a lot!! i was a huge fan of COD zombies back when they didn't jump around. i liked COD (call of duty) zombies when you could lead them around, collect them into a big group, and blow them to shreds like in Black Ops 1 !!

this game is the closest to that and i love it!

i did not find money to be an issue, i ended up getting eaten on round 36 where i had 544 zombies killed, 12,234 rounds shot (also killed hundreds with grenades in the higher rounds) and well over 100,000 money. i would go to the ammo stations and buy a dozen of everything so i could just run by and pick them up in a hurry.


-you can group up the zombies and blow them all up with grenades or shoot the crap out of them!

-money is not an issue

-guns are easy to use (reload, fire ect.)

-i really enjoy the movement system! please please PLEASE do not remove this! add other options yes, but leave this as one of the options!

-you can blow up barrels and propane tanks and cause damage to zombies.

-a couple weapons pistol, tommy gun. (its not called that, but it pretty must is :)

-you can throw grenades and has the best grenade mechanics in any game!

-graphics are simple and can run on most pcs.(even with 544 dead zombies on the ground it still ran perfectly!)

-love love love the storage system!

-i'm sure there are more but i'm tired and i need to do improvements still :)


-more verity of zombies (bigger ones, smaller ones, faster ones, slower ones)

-more guns (i know more are coming in the full release :)

-more maps. again, i'm sure there will be more in the full release. i would like to see where you can go into bigger buildings and go up and down stairs.

-traps. just youtube any COD zombie game for ideas.

-have zombies make noise. not annoying noises though. i can see myself putting hours and hours into this game and i don't want to get headaches. again look up COD vids for this.

-have different areas of the map cost money to get to that have better guns.

-put in different difficulty levels. (current one should be easy. the only reason i died is because i was getting bored lol )

-move the clips to your shoulder for reloading. it throws me off when i feel it vibrate but i actually don't get a mag. the vibrate feeling is the holster not the clip. they are to close together. moving your hands to your shoulder feels cool. try it :)

-move the storage bubbles from top to bottom and put them side to side. its hard to see whats in the bottom one when something is in the top one.

-bigger hit box for the weapon storage. i keep dropping my guns :(

-different damage points on the zombies. head shots double damage, chest normal, legs and arms half damage.

-X2 money to head kill shots.

-kill drops from zombies. health packs, double points, inst kills, nukes ect. again, look at COD zombies!

-have bullets go through multiple zombies.

- propane tanks fly out of the map most times when you shoot them.

there are others i'm sure, but like i said i am tired lol PLEASE keep developing this game i will pay money for a full release. at least $15!

i'll be editing this as i think of more items.

i will spread the word about this demo as well!


Thank you for this wonderful comment.
I will take alot of this feedback to heart.

It's wonderful to hear that you played 2+ hours of the prototype and managed to get to round 36. I find that amazing that you got that far, I know the current state of the game isn't that hard but I made the zombies slow to make sure the speed of them didn't scare anyone who might of been new to VR when I demoed it.

So to answer a few improvements you left,

More Variarity in zombies, This is something that I do want to have for the next version but I can not guarantee it will be in. This currently is a 1-2 person project, I'm doing this for University and as my passion project, and a mate of mine is helping with the art.

For enemies they need animation which takes time and skill, of which I don't have sadly. I might have an extra enemy type as something that might not take a human form, which might be interesting.

More Guns, Yeah they coming. Gun types so far, Assault Rifles, Submachine gun, Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle(Sniper) and Specials.
I'll be showing some of these off once they are ready.

More Maps, I would love to have more maps but with my current scale and deadline being mid April I'm currently aiming for one map, but it will be bigger and more challenging than the one is this prototype.

Traps, Yeah I actually didn't think about this one, be it would defiantly be a interesting one.
Do you think that the player should be able to run through a trap even though it might kill them, or stop the player from walking into their own trap?

Zombie sounds, Yeah I'll look into this, and try to have them so they don't get annoying constantly to stop you getting those headaches for long play sessions.

Different Map Areas Cost Money, This is also a must for the next version, and I will see if I have spare time to do anything interesting with the map ;)

Difficultly Levels, Yeah I noticed this only a week before the deadline, I wish it was something that I did earlier. I might be able to update this prototype with some, but I'm not making any promises sadly. I currently have a difficulty for the next version, but it doesn't so much at the moment.

Reload from the shoulders, This is a interesting idea that I will test with. I've been talking with my mate about designs of the magazine holding system, and we've deiced to change it to each weapon uses that generalised ammo, Pistol Ammo, Assault Rifle Ammo ect. With this there will be certain sections to get ammo off, assault rifle mags on your right shoulder, pistol on your right side of your stomach, ect. With this I might have the player tap the gun into each section of where that ammo type, makes the player have to remember where that section of ammo is.
This could also be a bad idea, so I might leave that as for only Medium or Hard Difficulties.

Move Storage Bubbles, This is something that will be tested more with the next version with a different holster system.

Bigger Hit box for Weapon Storage, I will make them bigger in this prototype, but that system has change for the next version. The player will now be able to holster a weapon at the press of a button, but only for small weapons such as Pistols, Sub Machines guns and some shotguns.

Different Damage points for shooting a zombies, Yeah that should be in a working, but maybe the different amounts of damage aren't good enough. I'll tone those up. :)

Items pick ups on Zombies Death, Yeah I might do this if I have the time, but also I want to try and create some of my own pick ups. I'm a fan of CoD zombies as well, but I want to make some more than just CoD zombies in VR. I want to take of advantage of What VR has to offer to create better experiences for you guys. :)

Have bullets go through Multiple zombies, I've thought about this as a system, of Damage similar to how some card games do damage. If I attack a enemies with 100 damage, and the enemies has 40 health, then the remaining 60 damage should pass through the enemy to damage another zombie. Does that sounds sensible?

Propane takes fly out of the map, Yeah ... that was very last minute. The map was made in just under a week I think. It was originally was going to be in a mansion, but I thought the tight corridors could of been intimidating to new players.

I am still developing this game, hopefully for the next version it should be faster, with a more consistent art style.

I am planning to release the next version onto steam for Free, but I will need some help getting out of steam GreenLight once I create a page for my game. In its current state I do not think it is ready, I find that people won't up vote a ugly looking game, this is why I am trying to get a more consistent art style for the next version.

As I said before, the next version will be free because of legal reasons with software we are using and do not have a fully licence to publish with a cost to items. I will be accepting donations to have time to create extra features such as multiplayer.

I'm glad you had a good time playing the demo. Happy Gaming.

- David Dewhirst

thank you for the reply!

-when it comes to traps, don't have it kill the player, but let it damage the player. maybe like a quarter health reduction if you run into your own traps.

-walking through the house windows. i was able to walk through the building windows within the map just fyi.

-i like your idea of pass through damage. but have you thought of having all bullets go through more zombies but only cause half damage to other zombies?

-when the zombies die they kinda freeze for a few seconds and i always question if they are dead and end up wasting ammo on them.

-health packs? what are your ideas for acquiring health?

- what about gun upgrades? it was taking almost 4 SMG mags to kill one zombie on the higher levels lol that's part of the reason i chose to die.

- different ammo? higher damage ammo that costs ALOT of money that you have to grind for! i could kill zombies all day if i had a reason or a goal to work towards :)

i know i am bringing up alot of fixes and improvements... but this game has potential and i want to see it turn into something great!

Please feel free to bounce any future ideas off me. i will give you honest advice.

and don't get me wrong, i am no game developer! i'm just a guy who loves to play them!! :)

Keep up the amazing work!!!!!!