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Oustanding - much appreciated.

As it says really. Is there anyway to feed the number of moves you've made into a variable so that I can trigger text / objects with conditionals?


Cool! Glad it worked!


Can I ask a question -  did the music play for you? I was replaying it the other day and didn't get any music come through? There's meant to be a haunting hang solo piece playing.

IT was a game jam game and I ran out of time, but I really liked the randomising levels.

Being trapped in the corner is purposely left in the game.

As for the dog, I was going to develop this into an analogy for depression (it's a black dog), but didn't get chance to fully develop the mechanics.

Also, the scoring at the end is terrible (that sound!) and yeah, doesn't repeat properly, which is an issue for a game that's meant to be repeatedly played!

But thank you for your input - most appreciated, and thanks for playing!

I think your name is a bit off. Could you perhaps change it to something that doesn't sound like it's making light of suicide i.e. drop the 'suicide' bit?

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My name is Tom Cole and I'm a research student from Goldsmiths, University of London who's studying emotional engagement in video games. As part of my work I'm interviewing video game players about their game playing habits and experiences.

I'd be most grateful if any of you could spare an hour or so to be interviewed over instant messenger on these topics.

Your identity would remain completely confidential and should any quotes end up being used in a publication then your identity will be kept entirely anonymous.

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. Those wanting more details about my work can look here:

You can reply to me either here, or email me using the address on the page I've provided above at the IGGI website.

Many thanks in advance to those interested in taking part.