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thanks <3


Great game!

oyunun temasını bu kadar güzel dile getirdiğiniz için teşekkür ederim!

evet çok üstü kapalı verdim temayı fakat direk göz önüne sermekten iyidir. yorum için teşekkürler. 

It's very cool and i love it. It would be great if you can check my game too! Congrats!

Nice game i enjoyed it! It would be great if you could check my game too!

Lovely! I love the concept and the gameplay!

Great game! nice graphics and gameplay. I love it

Looks fun and I actually like the gameplay. Good game!

That is because when you die, you die. To make it realistic and simple, you just die and start the next day with a different person. 

This is the full version so there will be no new content. But it depends though. I will make an announcement if there is a new content available.  

There will be updates if needed. 

Thanks for the support!

Nulour's full version is now nearly ready to be published. It needs some little bug fixing and play testing. It will be ready to download on in 3 days! Thanks for all the support I really appreciate it.  I need the same support for the full version too.  Thanks.  

Thanks a lot for your great comment! I actually know those bugs that you are talking about and  they will be fixed on the full version.  Stay tuned!

thanks a lot for the gameplay! I get what you’re saying and actually the full game will not contain that amount of jumpscares. the part with the stone walls and torches is actually character’s dream. and the real world begins with the house part. good luck on your Youtuber career! and also its not russian its turkish haha.

This is the demo version of Nulour! Please keep this in your mind while playing. And also this is my first game ever. I'm an amateur indie-game developer. If you encounter any type of bugs or errors, just simply contact with me. I need your help in order to improve my game.

Nulour is a horror game based on a story. Nulour is the name of the fictional forest which is taking place in Russia. Iana, our little sister got lost at this forest. And story begins with our search for Iana at this forest.

you dont have to pay anything. you can just download it right away without any payments. this choice is avaible for the ones who wants to support this game.