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i honestly don't know anything about that, sorry. 

not sure i can offer you much in the way of a fix, sorry. it should fit into a 1920x1080 display, which is a very common resolution. 

i can offer a refund if you'd like, that's really the best i can do.

Pretty sure itch doesn't have settings to mark a game as being for the NES, but the game can be played using an emulator in any of those platforms, as well as placed on a cartridge and played on real NES hardware if you have the equipment to do that. 

And yes it comes with an *.nes file

If you have a game genie there is a thread with several cheat codes that make the game easier. 

Probably I could find a game genie code for starting on a certain level, starting with extra lives, etc. 

i do believe one of our publishers is planning a steam release sometime soon, but not sure exactly when

Howdy, the game runs in an NES emulator,  so it would depend on the emulator I would guess. I don't have any experience with Android unfortunately so I can't comment further, sorry.

Thanks for supporting us!

Glad you got it running :)

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Hi Cruise, no worries, and thanks for checking out our game!

To play Project Blue, you need an NES emulator. There are a ton of free emulators out there, on the PC I recommend Mesen,

This game comes as a ROM, you can open it inside Mesen, I hope that helps! (once you've got Mesen set up, you should be able to simply double click on the ROM file and it will launch inside Mesen, making it basically the same as an .exe in that regard).

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if you're looking for NES cartridges, i have them available at

if you're outside the US, you can grab one at

that said, if you're playing it on an emulator, most emulators will have a 'save state' function built in. 

It does not, sorry :(

Physical cartridges are now available at

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!

It works fine on my Everdrive - which is actually what I used for testing during development, so I'm not sure what's causing your issue. 

I've alerted Frankengraphics to this thread, she knows more about this stuff than I do, hopefully she has some advice for you. 

the load button is marked in red on this picture, on the right hand side.

it looks like your screen might not be large enough to see the whole program at once, which i know has led to problems for other users... i think you want your screen size to be 1920x1080 or larger for best results. 

Hi, I"ve been meaning to add some video tutorials for this, and I will try to make a quick one for you over the weekend. 

I have a lot on my plate right now so if I forget feel free to bump this thread to give me a reminder. 

As for your specific problem, you need to load up a project for it to work. The load button looks like a computer folder and it's on the right side of the screen. Click it and then choose one of the level files that came with the program and it should load up a project for you. 

Feel free to use this thread for any other questions that may arise and I will do my best to help you. 

Thanks for your support :)


YES, we will have more copies available, we have a mailing list, instructions on how to join here:

yes, we are planning for a switch version, but no idea on how long it will take

Here are a few Game Genie codes to help you on your mission. 

SZXAPGVG - Infinite Lives

ZEVEGLGE - Start with 5 hearts of health on a new life (instead of 2)

It's my first time generating Game Genie codes, but they appear to work for me. Let me know if you have any trouble! 

Hi Adam, 

I'm not sure if GTROM is available in small quantities, there is no webstore for them that I am aware of. 

You can get a BNROM PCB from InfiniteNESLives, I think they're like $12 or so. 

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Sorry I'm just now seeing your post. 

I uploaded the soundtrack in .wav format. Enjoy! (let me know if it doesn't show up)

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I don't have that lying around but I'll try to get one for you. I have .wav files but they're soooo big...

editing to say, i see that bandcamp promises a flac download but they must generate that themselves because i don't think i've used flac in the last decade. 

thanks for the info guys!

Yes! There is an upcoming physical release. 

You can keep apprised here:

There are both BNROM and GTROM versions depending on region, but the digital release is BNROM.

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It depends on the emulator on there... One person told me they were going to check but haven't gotten back to me. I will update this thread when I find out!

You can also create levels from scratch, BTW, it's just harder and for more advanced users. what you can't do is replace the graphics - you could work with a different graphics set, but you'd have to hack that into the ROM yourself, it's unsupported for various reasons (like we need the first level graphics for the opening scene, for example)

A word of warning - it's mostly undocumented right now but I will be making a series of videos about it.

Basically it lets you load up a level file, you can play with all the parts of that level - move around enemies or create a completely different layout for example. you can edit the palettes as well. 

Thanks so much! We're really excited to finally get it out there!