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Level Editor?

A topic by releasethedogs created May 18, 2020 Views: 291 Replies: 3
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Tell me about the level editor. What capabilities does it have?


A word of warning - it's mostly undocumented right now but I will be making a series of videos about it.

Basically it lets you load up a level file, you can play with all the parts of that level - move around enemies or create a completely different layout for example. you can edit the palettes as well. 


You can also create levels from scratch, BTW, it's just harder and for more advanced users. what you can't do is replace the graphics - you could work with a different graphics set, but you'd have to hack that into the ROM yourself, it's unsupported for various reasons (like we need the first level graphics for the opening scene, for example)

Hello, I bought Project Blue full version with Level Editor. But I am not able to use it. Could you help me, please? The editor opens empty and does not load anything ... thanks.