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I played it before, thought it was good story! drama

Graphics are "Out of this World!!" your first game? hard to believe!

I played for about 2 minutes!! My honest opinion is I liked the layout of everything in realistic places inside house. I hated the cheesy blocky graphics, especially from Unity Engine being so much more capable in rendering! This game seemed to b seriously lacking in quality.

Let me know if your looking to team up with me! I am working on a event nightmare in RPG Maker VX Ace! I'm not using or have MV yet. But am trying to create my older brother's game he never finished in the old coding of Basic!! I have played it and though it awesome and unique strategy game to be developed, but he fell mentally ill with Huntington's Disease! Now he can't think to finish it, and with me having same disease now...I'm trying to slowly think my way through how to get it all to work!! and design it out using events and assigning everything to coordinates on the grid turn by turn...eventually. Please let me know if your interested in helping, as I would offer a high percentage from the completed game! Please consider my offer friend. Sincerely, Todd G.

I love the soft mellow background music. Game is unique and that you can play with only pawns. I had never though of that on the real game! Simple to play, yet I'm sure tons of thinking involved in creating the AI

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Interesting choices and really makes you use your brain!! Some glitches though like not being able to exit after I died on day 4 making the wrong choice. the pages and illustration looks creative and pretty neat.

Please check out my games on

Hello, have the whole idea laid out in my head of my brothers creation from the early 1990's before he was diagnosed with a fatal brain disease! I have his permission to create his game if I give him his 20% share of any sales. I've always loves the game and saw and played a working model of it which has since been lost using the very old "GW-Basic" before there was even windows! His program was 300 pages long printed out in all code! The "Grid War" 2 player based strategy game was amazing! I want and need to replicate it using RPG Maker VX Ace! However, I have developed the same early stages of the brain disease my Brother has, and my Father had. I need serious help in getting this rolling before it's all too late! I suck at Math and need all the help I can in formulating enhanced array usage as he had done with his knowledge in Calculus, Algebra III, Etc. Any help to please support this really fun game would be great!! I will post the finished product on here along with my other games I've made already! So, I need somebody to tell me how I could keep track of player 1 movement coordinates by input keys each turn. Also Player 2 movement coordinates into arrays! These arrays will have to be constantly checked against deadzone filled blocks behind where the player moved. So that the player would not pass back through a deadzone block and the generated random locations of a Nuke would be generated in the program any block within the movement grid. If player landed on a Nuke square on grid location it would kill you with an explosion. Calibrating and calculating the Player 1 and Player 2 grid coordinates constantly to see if they collide. Which player was moved before the other into collision would Win the War! A Deadzone Desintrigation meter would count down as an animated "Bar" on he side of grid to display player movements counting "-1" each movement until a point where the Grid filled up to much and player still had moves left without collision! It would then automatically remove various random Deadzone blocks from the grid somehow skipping "Player Coordinates and other Nuke locations randomly generated prior on grid" This is all a Very Intricate, Nerve racking build and about all I know how to do is the basic design of drawing out a Grid of square tiles, and some sort of Player Ship thingy! All the rest I will have to start researching the Crap out of online like I already have been doing with not much success. There is a lot more to this game also, but this is the basic idea! I won't post every detail because many people just can't be trusted. Anyways, Please let me know if you think you could offer help in where to start? Thanks so much!!

I strictly use RPG make VX Ace and have an idea of making a Zombie game using the default Naked Bald guy sprite as a the multiple Zombies! Starting as a animated bump in the desert growing into a Zombie maybe? and having the player be able to use a crafting table or bench in the desert to build or refine clubs and daggers, or a makeshift pistol or shotgun. Ammo cannot be crafted and must be found on looted non-zombied bodies aka "human remains" in the wastelands. and random other locations. This game is a simple minded easy "Blunt" game idea of just running around slaughtering zombies! no fancy graphics or details. Just dry desert with some weeds, fences, posts, a couple old wood shacks to search for loot. Your only objective is to survive by automatically generating a small amount of health by every Zombie you kill. Maybe later an idea of crafting a boat to use to cross the river to another part of an island to the Westland or something! Do you think anybody would enjoy playing this game idea if I made it, and should I charge a small fee?

Great looking rooms etc. terrible art on Characters looking realistic! After a fairly long.... movie scene intro which I liked, the game suddenly crashed when I went to suck the blood of some dude standing there in the corner wall by the bottom of the stairs!! Haven't played it again yet, but I didn't save, so I will have to start it all over. So far, not impressive at all except for main girl as player, and overall atmosphere!! Battle system so far is okay but seems..."glitchy at times".  

Useless!! You can make money with 1 table or 3 tables. Way to simple and not at all realistic. Also the level upgrade after $1k was useless and did nothing except spend all the money I had earned. Music was very annoying! Sorry, but I won't be playing it again.

soon as I ran into the boat by dock down path it crashed and all went transparent on me!

absolutely pointless!

It's great if your 2yrs.

Windows 10 issue resolved running installer? right click on "game" file, "unblock" in advanced properties...

Astronomical graphics and explosions!

It's in a different language than English! It wont play...

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You may have to unblock this file to run the game...

A cave was empty with nothing. battles are way to easy, everything is 1 hit with no battle backgrounds! one creature per battle with mountains you can walk through. I loved the overall custom tiles all through the game, and many events on each village! Why does the player start off with over something like 100k in gold and a most powerful weapon in the beginning?

awesome video demo!! what a cool looking game and so realistic looking sprites and animate! what program or language did you use to create this...? may I ask

sounds simple for a first time game as posted in forums! yes it's a cool idea I think and you should maybe add in some sea creatures if you are a shark!! like Jellyfish and maybe even collect small fish for energy boosts and larger ones for larger energy boosts! yeah, and some special blowfish might actually make you move faster while others make you move slower, much more of a challenge... just an idea. I been designing games since 2008

I use friends from Facebook and/or Flikr because I do Photography and have over 800k views now. So I just found this website here and just started using it to upload some older finished games to see what happens!